What is a sales funnel? And how to create one that makes money. A sales funnel is the term used by internet marketers where potential customers are directed to the path that leads to the purchase of the product.




*Result is not typical nor guaranteed.*

It is a process that is composed of several steps that will push through a customer to buy a certain product. Using sales funnel for your business works. In the video shown above, Russell Brunson created a way on how to increase profit from his 1st product which is a tutorial CD on how to make a potato gun. He develops a strategy on how he can double his earnings by adding another product that is related to his tutorials. Russel Brunson is the creator of Clickfunnels.

As an entrepreneur, you need to know the basics and understand how the funnel works. To visualize the shape of a funnel, it is an inverted triangle with wider space at the top and becoming smaller in size as it goes down meaning it has different stages or steps. In the actual funnel, these stages are called pages.

Funnels are made up of elements that build the pages. Elements can be the headline, video, and images. When you put all these elements into one it is now called a page. A group or series of pages in an orderly manner is called a funnel. The main goal is to convert the potential customer into various stages that will lead to a buying customer.

Phases of a Funnel:


To attract possible customers’ quality contents to introduce your product. Why is it beneficial and why do they need to buy it. Increasing the level of awareness of the readers will also boost their interest to know more about what you are selling.

2. Interest

The moment your possible customers gain interest in your product or services offered you have to establish trust. Your videos will come in here. The primary goal is to increase their knowledge.

3. Desire

The next phase is desire. They are aware already on what you can offer, you have established a good relationship with your prospects and they trust you. This is the time that they will decide to buy or purchase.

4. Action

This is the phase wherein they will buy your product. When they are satisfied with your product surely they will come back to purchase another one from you.

Steps in Creating a Funnel:

1.Create a catchy squeeze page

A squeeze page is a landing page. This is where you gather the information of your lead prospects such as their email address for the subscription.

2. Offer

Give your lead a sales magnet. You can offer them inexpensive ebooks or courses about your product. Providing alternative products of higher value will also work. Presenting some options will give them choices.

3. Continuous process

Maintain the level of interest of your customers for repeat orders.

A sales funnel is necessary for your online business. This strategy will help grow and increase profits. Continue looking for leads and build trust in every stage throughout the process. Focus your time in giving value to your customers. Master the techniques and strategies used for a successful sales funnel that can boost your online presence and can make you money.