There are plenty of ways to grow your brand and make more money at the same time. However, you also need to invest more money to boost your brand’s exposure and reach. In fact, 70% of companies are allocating their budget to increase their traffic and conversions through lead generation. And, one strategy that most of these companies are trying to adapt is affiliate marketing.




What does Affiliate Marketing Mean to Your Business?

If you have heard about people promoting products of a particular company while getting a commission, that is just how affiliate marketing works.

Those people who promote products are called the publisher (affiliates) who signed up for an affiliate program offered by companies or retailers. The affiliate program is a commission-based model, which will be benefiting both parties.

If you are a business owner, you’ll act as the retailer who will offer the affiliate program. Then, when people signed up to be your affiliate, they will start promoting your products through unique links. And, it will surely drive a large amount of traffic to your site and even provide you with leads.

The fun part starts when the potential buyer or lead made a purchase. As the retailer, of course, you’ll gain your profit, and as for the affiliates, they’ll gain commissions. That’s a win-win situation, right? It is just like connecting with business partners or hiring more people to make up your marketing team.

What’s there to lose? Nothing. Because as I’ve said, you’ll just pay your affiliates when you reach the sales you wanted. Now, let’s talk more about the benefits of affiliate marketing on growing your brand and making sales.

Major Benefits of Affiliate Marketing to Generate Sales

1. Control of Picking the right Partner

As a retailer, you can create an affiliate program in which you will have control of choosing the right ambassador for your brand. Affiliates will provide you the information that you need when they apply for your affiliate program. On that note, you assess a suitable ambassador for your products.

One thing to remember is the key to choosing the right affiliate is knowing if they understand your industry. So that they will be able to promote your products effectively.

2. You get to have Targeted Traffic

When you choose the right affiliate, you’ll surely have targeted traffic. As I’ve said, you should work with affiliates who truly understand and are already active in the industry that your brand belongs. Because on that note, they will be promoting your products to the right target audience as well.

3. Pay for Performance and Sale

Pay-per-click campaigns are famous among business owners. And PPC campaigns can be effective, especially if it is optimized well. However, the risk of using this strategy is higher if it’s poorly managed because you will still pay even for low-quality leads.

For instance, when someone clicks your ads, you can’t guarantee that they will purchase your products right away. And the bottom line there is, you will still pay for that even if you gain nothing.

While when you optimize affiliate marketing, you will only pay your publishers every time you make sales. Thus, you won’t be worrying about the ineffective campaigns of your affiliate because it won’t cost you anything. Sure, you’ll need to invest time and effort upon starting your affiliate marketing program, but it’s still cheaper than those less guaranteed Ad campaigns.

4. Cost-efficient Marketing Strategy

As I’ve said, starting your affiliate marketing is not free, but it will be worth your time and money if you manage it well. Luckily, there are affiliate network platforms that can help you set up your program. They will also guide you with everything that you need to do and even provide you the tools and resources.

5. Boost Your Brand Awareness and Reach

Most of the time, customers purchase products from merchants that are familiar with them. For instance, if one of your affiliates has already built his own connections with his audience, the higher chance that the customers would buy your products that he is promoting. Because customers already know him and they already trust him. So, expanding your business through affiliate marketing can boost your brand exposure to a new audience even if you’re just starting up.

6. It can Optimize your SEO

SEO is still one of the most crucial factors that most business owners and companies are focusing on. And through affiliate marketing, you can optimize the SEO of your website, social media sites, or blogs. If you are partnered with high-ranked affiliates, you’ll get backlinks that will totally create a great impact on your site’s performance.

7. Save time on Marketing

Marketing can be quite a handful, especially if you’re just starting to build your brand. It will cost you more time planning your marketing strategies than actually applying them. Thus, letting the marketing job in the hands of your affiliates can save you some time and deal with other things.

8. Affiliate Marketing Expands Your Connections

Business is sometimes all about making connections and expanding networks. So, working with affiliates can help you build relationships with influencers and other brands in your industry. These kinds of networks can get your brand and products more exposures that can convert to more sales.

9. You can access Foreign Markets

Affiliate marketing allows you to market your brand or products to other countries. You can have foreign affiliates who are knowledgeable enough to market your product internationally.

10. Time-efficient Marketing

If you wish to have a business that runs on its own, then affiliate marketing is the answer. Finding the right affiliate network to set up your affiliate program can be the easiest path that you can take and the most convenient. You connect with the affiliate networks and let them run it, then you just need to wait for the reports. However, it is still important for you to get involved in the process and development of your business to ensure you get the most out of it.


Affiliate marketing is not free to use for your business, but it is a good starting point to grow your brand and build connections. Moreover, leveraging other marketing strategies could be very helpful to have a backup plan whenever one doesn’t work.