Now and then it’s good to pause and think about the future. It may be surprising to some, but the future is a highly predictable place. We know what the future of technology is going to be because every part of it can be predicted. The basis of the predictions have always been Moore’s Law, and it hasn’t failed us yet. Those who believe the future can’t be predicted will be left in the dark. You can and should take some time and think about the future of your own business. You should be able to connect the dots quite quickly with an open mind.




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No one is taught the power of daydreaming. You should spend some time every day allowing your brain to drift off and think about the future. Allow your mind to go into unchartered territory and explore different aspects of your business. This exercise will be fruitful as it will give you an opportunity to see your business from a different perspective. If you allow your mind to travel down unfamiliar paths, seeing the future becomes far easier. It is since you are now comfortable with the idea of fantasizing about what the future could be like.

The future is in mobile

Let’s take our mind out of the clouds and talk about the future that is today. There was a time when smartphones were seen as a novelty. Everyone always came back to their computer when it was time to buy something online. Those days are gone, and people today buy directly from their smartphone. The smartphone works seamlessly into their lives and young people today don’t use computers much. Your customers are more than likely going to be young people, and you’ve got to cater to their needs. The much prized 18-35 age bracket all have smartphones and don’t think twice about using them to make purchases online.

Mobile internet is exploding in the third world:

It should come as no surprise that the vast majority of people who aren’t online right now are in developing countries and the third world. A computer may be out of their reach in terms of money. However, smartphones keep dropping in price and are now available in places they were once not. This fact alone is what will drive the mobile internet further into the hands of people. Anyone who doesn’t make their sites mobile-friendly will end up missing out. The number of computer users will continue to dwindle, and a profitable business must consider mobile users.

You can’t overlook the developing world:

Many people who drop ship send their products all over the world. Those who sell digital products are also discovering that the developing world is loaded with new customers. You will down the line have to pay closer attention to these people. If you’re drop shipping, then you should already be paying attention to them. Those with sites like blogs also need to be aware of where their traffic is coming from. There will come a time when neglecting people from these countries will end up hurting you big time. We’re talking about millions of people who are going to be buying things. They already are buying online and the number of people is only going to increase.

Mobile in a nutshell:

How do you make sure your site is mobile friendly? You begin by making sure your theme is responsive. That means your theme displays properly on mobile devices. You also want to use very fast hosting. A mobile phone user is more likely to hit the back button if your page loads slowly. More importantly, your site is going to drop in the rankings if it loads slow. You will find it impossible to rank a quality site if the pages load slow. These days fast hosting is inexpensive and widely available. Don’t try to save a few bucks by buying second rate hosting. If you need to cut corners, then do it elsewhere.

The World Wide Web is being replaced by social media:

Do you want to really have a retro approach to sales? If so, then stick to focusing on the World Wide Web and nothing else. You’ll be stuck in the stone ages along with the people who are using dial-up modems. Anyone who connected to the internet during this time no doubt remembers the odd sounds the modems made when connecting. Those were priceless moments when everyone was glued to the screen hoping that the handshake process between you and the ISP was flawless. If it wasn’t, then you were going to have to go through that whole ordeal all over again.

The problem that marketers have with social media is they see it as a place where people share stupid stuff. Plenty of that does happen, but there’s also lots of eyeballs there. Being able to market your products and services to these people will give you a significant advantage over everyone else. Anyone who stays in the dark ages of thinking that the internet is just web sites will lose out.

Optimize your business for each platform:

The biggest mistake here is thinking that Facebook is the same as Twitter. They are not the same, and each needs to be approached differently. You can quickly burn through a lot of time and money by pretending that all social networking sites are the same. You are going to need to be active on all the popular platforms to fully understand them. It’s best to have a personal account and fool around with it. This way you can learn the ropes and have yourself a little fun too. Just don’t allow yourself to get sucked into the web of social media. Nothing can distract you like social media can, and it will sap the lifeblood right out of you.

Pay attention to cryptocurrency:

There was once a time when cryptocurrency wasn’t taken seriously. Those days are long gone. Should you accept cryptocurrency as a form of payment? The answer to that question depends on what you’re doing. If you’re a freelancer, then it might be a good idea to accept some payments in the form of cryptocurrency. There are people in countries around the world where banking is quite tricky. Not everyone can easily get a PayPal account like an American.

Certain payment processors can accept crypto. That means you’ll give customers the option of being able to pay in Bitcoin or whatever cryptocurrencies the payment processor accepts. It’s not that big of a deal right now if you don’t take crypto. Ten years from now it could be a very different story. Bitcoin may not be the crypto of the future and time will tell. However, you can rest assured that crypto is here to stay and it will be used more often in the future.

Video will grow in importance:

It wouldn’t be all too surprising if someone down the line came along and gave YouTube a run for its money. That’s not going to happen soon. But, it very well could happen in five to ten years. Right now YouTube is an untapped goldmine that many people aren’t taking advantage of. Some of the reason is that they don’t want to be on camera or even have their voice heard. While it is possible to make videos without being in them, having a presence on YouTube is a must. Your brand needs the exposure that YouTube has to offer.

Smartphones today have screens that can display videos in exceptionally high quality. How many people use their phones to watch videos when they’re on the go? You probably watch videos while you eat lunch or if you’re sitting on the couch relaxing. Video is the one thing that no one should overlook when it comes to marketing. People who watch YouTube buy things, and that might be surprising to some. It’s entirely possible for a business to solely focus on YouTube and reap some handsome rewards for doing so.

Computers are in the stone age:

Never take your eye off of the fact that younger people today are buying using their smartphone. The reason you’re probably reading this on a computer is being you’re a businessperson. Your experience is much different than that of the average customer. You shouldn’t allow your own experiences to dictate how important mobile is. You spend quite a bit of time in front of a computer, but the average person doesn’t. The younger the customer is, the less time they spend using a computer. This is an undeniable fact that you can’t get away from.

Customers are also going to expect that you have a presence on social media. That presence isn’t going only to be spamming the internet with what you have to sell. You will have to answer questions and get back with people promptly. Every year more and more people will be using social media as a means of connecting with companies. You should expect the amount of email you receive to decline continuously. Customers will reach out to you in social media, and you’ll have to do your best to keep up with them.

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Change is constant online:

There were vast swathes of human history where small changes happened over long periods. That’s not the case today. Change happens in almost a blink of an eye. It’s remarkable how much has changed in just the past ten years alone. How people buy and sell merchandise will never be the same again. The future is a place where people tap what they want and expect it to arrive more quickly.

They want the entire process to be quick and painless. If you recognize this, it’s entirely possible to use it to guide your business. Always try your best to stay ahead of the game by making sure you’re aware of the latest technology. Pay attention to the spending habits of younger people, and it’ll provide you with a treasure trove of information.