How can you get your first sale with zero budget? There are a lot of marketing tactics like pay-per-click, video marketing, social media marketing and more, but all of this takes time, money and experience.




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With no experience, it would be difficult to start your first sale fast. Our advice to you is to try social selling. In social selling, one can start selling products online easily.

What is Social Selling?

Social selling is a strategy used by B2B or what we call business-to-business world where relationships is necessary to land a large vendor contract.  Social selling is the alternate of cold-calling. Small businesses can use this strategy to start selling. The rising popularity of social media sites such as Facebook, interest, Instagram, YouTube, social selling has become an important aspect of online marketing efforts.

Communication and building a good relationship is very vital in  social selling. When people see that brands is making an effort to reach down to the level of its customers. I tell you,  customers will really love you. Relationship is considered as the basics or foundation of social selling.

What is the Difference Between Social Selling and Other Marketing Strategies?

Social selling is not social media advertising nor social commerce, but it is considered as an organic social network marketing. Organic in a sense because you encourage engagement, follow people and promote products. It is much more of a word of the mouth than advertising. Interaction is done before sales. Building personal relationships that can lead to sales.

Why is Social Selling an Advantage?

Social selling works. It has a greater percentage of outselling the competitor. According to Constant Contract, brands that usually communicate with customers thru social media sites have greater revenues compared to those who do not communicate at all. In other words, interacting build relationships.

Out of more than 7 billion people in the world about 2.77 billion uses social media. On Facebook alone, there are about 2.3 billion active users monthly and 64 percent of social media users want brands to connect with them.  See how powerful is social media. Social selling can be time consuming because it is completely a manual process, however you will learn more about your target market preferences.

How Can You Use Social Selling To Get Your First Sale?

Follow this guide for you to succeed in social selling:

1. Set Up Your Online Shop or E-commerce Store

This is the first thing that you need to do set up your online store and upload your products. Optimize your site. Make sure it is user friendly for easy navigation of customers. Make your store trustworthy. Be creative with your design to look professional. People would not take a risk of buying from a new shop when it looks spammy and unorganized.

Choose a theme that is relative to the products that you are selling. Be specific in writing your product description and don’t forget to review or proofread. Get more positive reviews. Positive reviews really count for most customers are looking at the reviews before they buy so positive reviews can be a big help in building trust.  Reviews are social proofs that your site is legit.

2. Create an Appealing Social Media Profiles

Social selling happens in social media networks. Make sure that your social media profiles are optimized. If you don’t have time yet to create accounts, start on Instagram.

3. Be Transparent and Personal

Don’t pretend of who you are not. Be honest to tell that you are a new business with a goal to provide quality and excellent products and good customer service.  Be real tell them your name and share your personality and stories about your brand.

4. Make a Compelling Offer

It is a great idea for a new business to give an incentive or a free gift to customers to build relationship. A discount for joining the mailing list is another idea. Having an email list is beneficial for follow up (email marketing).

5. Define and Focus on Your Target Market

A successful business has a well defined target audience.  It is your ideal customer in the future. Stated by Philip Kotler, marketing author “There is only one winning strategy. It is to carefully define the target market and direct a superior offering to that target market.”

Know your target market very well to know what are their needs and desires. You will understand your customers as well as the products and services that fit them.

6. Social Listening

Give time for social listening. It is a monitoring of interactions on social media sites. The purpose of this is to understand what the customers are talking about a product or brand. You can quickly monitor this by searching a certain hashtag. Make social listening as a hobby and it will tell you everything that you need to know to make your business successful.

7. Look for Possible Customers

Use social listening to look for potential customers. For example, you sell men’s shoes – it only takes a couple of minutes to search “#newmenshoes” on Twitter to find a list of potential customers. Another way is to search on Facebook groups and try to read the comments.

8. Create Your Open List

Follow their accounts and engage with them. You can create your own list on Twitter by simply clikcking your profile picture and click “List”.

9. Focus First on Building Relationships

As the saying goes “ give before you ask” , this is the golden rule of selling. Create a connection, interact and the rest will follow. Forget about the sale and focus on developing a good rapport by providing ways to give value.

10. Provide Value

How can you give value? There are a lot of ways on how you can provide value to your target audience. You can create relevant contents, contribute on Facebook groups. Interact with question and answer sites such as Quora or Reddit.

11. Connect with Your Leads

Provide value so that people will begin to interact and respond to comments and post made.

12. Deepen relationship

It takes time and effort, but be patient. One post will not gather hundreds of comments, but as you go along the way more and more interactions are coming. Be persistent in responding to comments ro messages. Every chance is an opportunity don’t forget that.

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An effective way to develop relationships on social media sites is thru social selling. Give value to every person and every relationship that can lead to potential customers in the future. Don’t forget the guide mentioned above. It will really help you through the process of social selling.