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How You Can Build A Successful Business Online With Affiliate Marketing Starting from Scratch

What is passive income? Is it actually true? For those people who have not heard about passive income, passive income is earning money by putting the work now and receive the rewards later.

It does not require a lot of time, but only a minimal effort each day to maintain it. A passive income stream does not fall out from the sky.

It is a result of hard work done gradually for 3 months, 6 months and even years. Passive income can’t be learned in school and I haven’t heard about it way back then not until I had read an article about it on the internet. In this post, you will learn how an internet marketer made $57,000 a month using these 4 passive income streams.

Affiliate Marketing :

Sign up with companies like Shopify or Amazon to become an affiliate. Bluehost is another affiliate program that pays well and considered as one of the highest paying affiliate program. Promote your chosen products using YouTube. Create a YouTube channel and upload your videos. You can also place your affiliate link on your website or blog. Writing a blog post about the products is another way of creating traffic to your blog as well as promoting your affiliate link.

YouTube Ads Revenue:

You can earn from the videos you upload to YouTube and it is very easy. First, you need to enable the Adsense on your YouTube account and earn for every thousand views for your video or what they call the CPM or cost per thousand. Another way is by enabling ads to display on your videos. Big companies pay YouTube for allowing their ads to display and you get a commission from it. Your content stays forever and your income continues.


Develop software or pay someone else to do it for you. Creating a software is a big challenge, but can increase your income continuously. A free downloaded app or software that has limited features and needs to purchase for unlocking extra features. You can promote free software with special features that need to be unlocked, which is most commonly used in the gaming industry.

Stock Market:

Try investing in the stock market in your country. Choose the top 50 companies and start investing. You don’t need to have a big amount of money just invest extra cash that you have every month. You will be surprised that for the next three years your investment has accumulated and gain revenues. Don’t invest only in just one company, but multiple companies for security purposes.

Some companies might have downfalls and putting your investment in only one company will be risky. Earning $57,000 a month is a big amount of money, and this is how a successful internet marketer made it to the top and enjoying his success. His success never stops here because his 4-way passive income stream continues to grow day by day. Watch the full video above and learn more about passive income stream