In 2019, it was reported that more than half of the total e-commerce sales were from online marketplaces, generating $1.7 trillion to the global economy. And it won’t stop there. Because the e-commerce industry, along with the platforms that carry it, are predicted to grow exponentially in the coming years since businesses are beginning to slowly adapt to this advancement.

How many online selling platforms can take pride in having more than 170 million active shoppers from all around the world? Not a lot. But eBay can say with entire confidence that they have that number of active shoppers from the first few months of 2020. Being one of the top players in the online marketplace competition, eBay takes pride in its success as a globally-renowned platform.




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Getting started on your eBay store is the first and most simple step. However, the work needed to be done to make your store profitable is not easy. You are in the middle of an ocean of sellers, and you need to make yourself visible to other buyers or else you won’t have any chance of gaining any income.

How do you do this?

First of all, you need to familiarize yourself with the inner workings of eBay’s search engine algorithm. It works almost like any other search engine system but that does not mean there aren’t any techniques to improve your chances of moving up the ranks of the results. Below are some proven ways that affect store ratings and increase possibilities of conversion for your eBay store.

Regularly adding new items

Like it or not there is special treatment given to sellers who post new products on a regular basis. eBay’s algorithm tends to prioritize those that have new items posted quite frequently so this is something that sellers should do to up their rankings on search results. Furthermore, there is a “Newly Listed” category on eBay’s search menu.

Pro tip: Don’t list multiple items at once. The scheduling feature on eBay allows you to set the posting time for items so the post is made automatically. It saves you the time and hassle of having to make the posts every time you have to. The main objective here is to be able to release new content regularly.

Promoted Listings

A cheap and effective way of targeted marketing on eBay is to make use of their promoted listings marketing solution. Your product listing can reach the shoppers that are meant to see it and are most likely to be interested in it. And another great thing about it is that you only pay for the ad once you generate sales from it, which is basically a percentage of the total sales! The rate varies upon what category the item falls under.

Keywords for Attraction

eBay shoppers usually know already what they want when they go on the site. They know what to search for. So your objective is to know what keywords they are most likely to input, and to incorporate those to your listings so you show up on the results. Befriend the element of research so you can gain insight on your customers’ common keywords used for their searches.

Offer great deals

Shoppers adore free shipping and love it even more when the shipping is fast. Being efficient in that area will increase customer loyalty. Discounts, bargains, freebies, are promotional gimmicks that get shoppers excited. Make sure it is within your financial capability though. Don’t go ahead offer huge deals when you are still struggling to gain profits.

Clean up your reviews

Bad reviews are a stain your store. Accumulating positive reviews is great, but getting rid of the negatives is just as important in maintaining the credibility and integrity of your store. Getting these bad reviews are sometimes unavoidable no matter how much you try to do a good job. Sometimes there are circumstances beyond your control that lead to a negative rating. However, you can totally remedy this. Either settle with the customer or reach out to eBay’s service center to remove the bad feedback.

Qualify for a Top-rated Status

A good seller track record can qualify you for an eBay top-rated seller status. There are many privileges that a top-rated seller can enjoy – increased visibility being one of them. These sellers also have increased immunity to negative feedback and additional costs in terms of shipping and packaging concerns. A 30-dollar credit for promoted listings can be redeemed every quarter by top sellers, and less deductions for returned products are among the additional perks as well. While this may not be something you can achieve for now, having this as a long-term goal will help you in the future.

Advertise on social media

Just like every marketing strategy pitched to business owners in every model or platform, social media is a leading recommended advertising channel. It is the most utilized and also the most effective strategy. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, TikTok, Pinterest, are only few of the big social media players with millions upon millions of awaiting customers who just need the push of a campaign ad to lead them down that road towards what you can offer. A little investment in social media marketing can work wonders for your store.

Email Marketing

After your customers make their first transaction with you , they can opt to receive updates from your store via email. This is one marketing strategy that you can use to your advantage. With regular updates about new products and other promotional deals, you get to keep your customers engaged, informed, and aware about your store.

Have comprehensible descriptions

Brief and concise is the way to go. Your description needs to be easy to understand. Don’t go over the top with fancy words. Your description should describe your product in detail and at the same highlight its best features. Be honest and transparent. Objective descriptions such as dimensions, color, texture, material, and others that are applicable can be written in bullet form instead of paragraph. Be mindful of grammatical and typographical errors!

Upload good quality photos

“A picture says a thousand words,” is an accurate saying when it comes to product listings on online stores. Shoppers want to gain as much knowledge as they can about the products that they intend to purchase. Apart from the description, the pictures of the product that you attach to the post says a lot. Take your product on a photoshoot, taking several photos from multiple angles and distances so that buyers can have a detailed and close look at the item/s. The more pictures, the better and more reliable you come off to buyers.

Pleasant customer service

A good or bad word can reach many people. Make sure the experience that your customer gets from you is the former. Studies report that people tend to talk about negative experiences more than they discuss positive ones. Treat your customers with kindness, respect, and professionalism. Tend to inquiries properly and settle disputes in an orderly manner. Competition is tough on the platform. One of the things you can do to set yourself apart is to take care of your customers in whatever concern they may have.