On social media platforms like Facebook, there are not many ways to generate income unless you have grown your followers. So, most of the small marketers are trying to make money on Facebook using affiliate marketing.




Well, most of the affiliate marketers are optimizing their websites rather than using their social media accounts to promote their business. However, leveraging the affiliate business to other platforms is one great way to earn more money from it.

And Facebook is the right place to leverage affiliate marketing because of its wide range of audience and effective tools.

Why Choose Affiliate Marketing on Facebook?

1. You can Take Advantage of its Popularity

When you’re doing affiliate marketing, you need to have vast numbers of potential customers. Well, you can find them on Facebook. The platform has 2 billion users around the world, and it would be impossible if you did not acquire any customers from these billion users.

Moreover, Facebook and Instagram are now connected, which means that you can utilize two of the most popular social sites to grow your affiliate marketing business.

2. Facebook has the Right Tools

One of the most crucial factors in affiliate marketing or any other business is targeting the right audience. This usually works hand-in-hand with your affiliate niche.

Even though you have the most perfect affiliate niche out there, it will still be useless if you are targeting the wrong audience. For instance, if your niche is all about dresses for pregnant women, you wouldn’t want to include women who are past the age of getting pregnant.

Luckily, Facebook caters the tools that you need for targeting the right audience and even tools to optimize your clicks and sales.

While you need tools, you also need strategies to use those tools accordingly. So, here are the tips and strategies that you can use to do Affiliate marketing on Facebook.

Strategies for an Effective Affiliate Marketing on Facebook

1. Optimize Your Personal Page

Affiliate marketing is all about making connections with people to gain their trust and eventually gain profit. So, you might want to optimize your personal page because you have probably built your connections there.

However, you have to keep it low and try to make it look that you’re not selling or something. Instead, creatively post updates and examine the links, format, and types of posts for the room for improvements.

2. Create A Facebook Group

Aside from posting your affiliate links on your timeline, you can also create a Facebook group. This will not only be a place for your affiliate links but also perfect for you to grow your audience.

What to note when creating a Facebook Group for your affiliate marketing?

  • Know your Niche

Affiliate Niche is very important to note when you’re creating your Facebook group for your business. Because it will determine whether you get the right audience for your products.

The deal with affiliate marketing is ensuring that you are selling your products to the right people. So creating a Facebook Group that resonates with your affiliate niche is one great way to reach your target audience.

As I’ve said, Facebook has the right tool for this so take advantage of using Facebook Analytics or Facebook Audience Insights. They will provide you valuable information that you can use to focus on the right people.

  • Don’t Just Sell and Promote

If you want to attract more people to join your group, you might want to limit selling or promoting products or services. Well, yes, it is how affiliate marketing works, selling and promoting products to get commissions, but you might want to reconsider.

There are other ways for you to hook your audience and be one of your leads. And one way is to be generous in giving them valuable information, new knowledge, and something to ponder. It will help you gain their trust and build connections, then eventually make them your potential customers.

3. Create Your Facebook Affiliate Page

Facebook Page is another great feature of Facebook, where you can promote and add your product and website links.

You can take advantage of the managing tools that Facebook Page offers, especially in optimizing your posts to encourage engagements. Usually, Groups are much more effective when it comes to increasing interactions, but if you manage your Page correctly, it is as effective as the latter.

Engage your audience with interactive photos, videos, stories, and any other visual content. Because as we all know, visuals are very important to attract people’s attention.

Moreover, Facebook Page can help you drive more traffic to your website if you have one. You just need the right trigger for the right people to click your links.

4. Optimize Facebook Ads

Sure, organic content can drive traffic and some sales to your affiliates, but we can’t deny that Ads are also effective. If you optimize Facebook Ads using the right strategies, there is no doubt for you to generate more traffic and sales.

However, you should never forget to optimize your ads with the right image or videos, relevant context, and call-to-action.

5. Optimize your Content

What you post is how people will define you and your business. So, you need to think through when you’re posting your content either on your Facebook Group or Page.

How to Optimize Content for Affiliate Marketing?

  • Be creative and Unique

People are always looking for something interesting on Facebook. So, making your content unique can attract more followers. Promote your products in a way that people wouldn’t feel that you’re selling by making creative and fun content.

  • Be relevant

Sometimes Facebook also serves as search engines because from time to time, people are looking here for answers and information. So, if you could provide the relevant answers to their questions, more chances of acquiring sales.

  • Call to action

You should always include CTA or call-to-action in your posts because you want your customer to take action. Facebook offers lots of CTA buttons that you can add to your posts.


Affiliate Marketing on Facebook is not a bad idea, especially if you know how to do it. The platform is best for starters who want to test affiliate marketing first before going all out.

Moreover, there are other social media sites out there that you can also leverage to grow your affiliate marketing business, such as Twitter, Pinterest, even the hottest app TikTok.

If you leverage these platforms, surely the possibilities and opportunities for your affiliate business are endless.