Facebook is one of the most popular social media platforms for businesses because of its high demand for users. And optimizing a Facebook business page is usually the best way for marketers to build their brands and boost sales.




Creating the Page is as easy as clicking likes and sharing posts but optimizing it for better performance is the tricky part. You need effective strategies that will help your Facebook Page generate likes, shares, and engagements.

In a nutshell, it does not just end with creating your page, posting several contents, and expects people to notice your brand– it’s just the beginning.

Although you don’t have to worry because we got you these tips on how you are going to optimize your Facebook business page like a pro.

Facebook Business Page Optimization Tips

Add A Profile Picture that Represents Your Business

The first thing that you want to consider is your business page profile picture as it will represent your business or your brand.

Just pick the right photo that is recognizable by your target audience if you have already built your brand. On the other hand, if you’re just starting out, try to match the photo that clearly represents you or your business.

Moreover, picture dimensions are also important to consider, especially that Facebook usually changes it. Make sure that you’ve set a photo with the right dimensions that is clear on various devices. On a desktop, Facebook displays page profile pictures at 170×170 pixels and 128×128 on mobile phones.

Optimize your Cover Photo

When people visit your business page, the first thing that they would notice is the cover photo. So, it’s great if you would optimize it into something engaging.

Make it engaging but don’t forget to choose relevant and high-quality photos. The image should be something that would talk to your audience about the personality of your business.

Moreover, as mentioned above, the quality and dimensions of images and videos are important for most social media marketing. So keep posted about the guidelines when updating your profile and cover photos.

For you cover photo, it’s pixels should be at 820×312 on desktop and 640×369 on phones.

Don’t Create a Personal Profile for your Business

This is quite obvious, but many of the marketers are creating a personal profile instead of navigating the Facebook business page. If you’re planning to do the same, think about the marketing tools and features that you will miss and the opportunity to access paid promotions on Facebook business pages.

The point is, you’ll just make it difficult for both of you and your customer to engage, which is bad for your business.

Imagine when you have a Facebook business page, your brand is visible to your target audience when they liked or followed your page.

However, on the contrary, personal profiles require people to send friend requests before they could connect with you or your brand– it’s quite a handful, right?

So, why complicate things when Facebook is making it easier for everyone.

Utilize the Power of Call-to-action Button

Surely, one of your goals in creating your Facebook business page is to drive traffic to your website. And one of the effective ways to do it is to include a call-to-action button that will link your potential customer to your site.

There are several CTA buttons that you can optimize on your Page based on your business. Whether you want them to watch a video, sign up, buy your products or book a service– you can customize destination links for each button.

Don’t Forget to Include Valuable Information in the ‘About Section’

One of the most essential sections of your Facebook page is the about section. You don’t want this to leave blank because this is where your potential customers look for valuable information about your brand.

So, better fill it with your brand’s basic information such as your website, contact details, and most importantly a description of what your business is all about.

It is also a great place to optimize your brand’s story, mission, and goals that will be helpful to increase your brand’s visibility and reach. This is also a perfect section to show off particular awards, events, and other milestones.

Optimize Your Page with Photos and Videos

People usually get engaged with visual content, so that’s why optimizing your page with interesting photos and videos will definitely boost the overall performance of your page.

When you’re using photos, just keep in mind that quality is always a priority. Choose photos that are relatable, relevant, and unique.

Moreover, you should also invest in creating videos because most people are spending more time watching videos than reading long contexts. It is also one great way to show off your products and promote your brand.

Know When and How Frequent you Need to Post Content

Posting content on a regular basis is another factor that most marketers are optimizing. It will make your page look authentic and reliable. However, posting too often is not a good idea because people might get tired of your posts.

One way to improve your posting is to schedule it. Facebook allows you to schedule the time and date of when you want your posts to be uploaded. Using this feature, you’ll not miss posting regularly, and you’ll know how often you upload content.

Another factor that affects the performance of a Page is the time of posting. Since we are all aware that Facebook users don’t spend their whole day on the platform, you should know the time when most of your target audiences are active.

Luckily Facebook allows you to see analytics, which involves the time when most of your followers are engaging in your posts.

Use Facebook Business Page Targeting Tools

Facebook Business Page has a lot to offer, especially when it comes to marketing tools. The platform is well equipped with these tools to help your business grow.

Facebook audience targeting tool is one of those tools that you need to leverage if you’re still not doing so. It allows you to target particular audiences by showing you their demographics, such as age, location, gender, language, and more.

Promote Your Facebook Business Page

Creating your page, filling it with valuable information about your brand, and optimizing it with engaging content is useless if you don’t promote it. Yes, few people will come across your page every now and then, but if you want results, you have to go out there and start promoting it.

You have plenty of options when it comes to doing it. You can either invest in some paid promotional ads or publish them on your websites and other social media sites.


Optimizing your Facebook business page surely needs time, energy, and sometimes money for the paid Ads, but that’s how marketing works– when you invest, you’ll probably gain some profit.

Oh, and one more thing that you need to make any marketing works is dedication. If you are dedicated, and you love what you’re doing, you will surely make it work.