Affiliate marketing is simply promoting products that are already in the market through affiliate links. You’ll sell the products, get commissions without actually buying the products. 

There are lots of people who are interested in affiliate marketing, but they just don’t have the knowledge to make it happen.

So, we are here to share with you some of the tips that you can find helpful along your affiliate marketing journey. 

Although, you have to keep in mind that this kind of business is not a one-time billionaire scheme because what you need here is time and lots of effort when you’re starting. 

Well, we are all aware of the struggle when you are starting to do something new, the same with affiliate marketing. 

1.Building Rapport and Trust

As we’ve said a while back, you’ll not be successful with affiliate marketing overnight. You need time, likewise with building trust within the community that you have built. 

It takes time to trust someone, so you need to keep proving that you’re worthy of their trust. 

You can build trust by giving freebies such as free e-books, vouchers, content, and even valuable information. Psychology suggests that when you give something to someone, it’s easier to gain their trust. 

Your connection with your audience is highly essential to growing your affiliate marketing business. Because they will be the key to your success. 

2.Take time to study and research the product you’re promoting

It’s hard to sell something if you don’t even understand how it works. How will you convince the consumers to try out the products if you are not aware of what they are? 

Earning a commission is your goal, but one thing that you can do to reach that goal is to promote the products well. And how will you do that? 

Well, you have to study and research the benefits, features and if possible, you should even try it yourself to see the result. In that way, if you know the products well– it will eventually show through how you market them. 

Moreover, you’ll not just go on and tell people how good that product or service without actually knowing the real deal. What you will risk here is the trust that people gave you that you might lose. 

3. Assure your Audience with your own proof

As mentioned a while back, you need to know your product, and one thing that you can do is to try it out yourself.

 You will not just end up knowing it and gaining results, but you’ll also be able to collect proofs that you can share with your audience. 

Proofs can be a great assurance that the products are safe and effective. And it will be more reliable if the proofs are personally coming from you. 

4. Share more about the products

Affiliate marketing is not just about laying links on your site without even having a proper introduction of what the link is all about. 

You don’t just introduce the products and services, but rather share some other valuable information that people are looking for. Give answers rather than giving them headaches because of the unexplained links on your site. 

Moreover, going back to the first tip that we tackled, which is giving something to your audience that means gaining their trust. So, you’re not only giving here, but you’re actually getting some rewards from your efforts as well.

5.Be the support that your audience need

If you are eager to be successful on this path, you have to be the support that your customers need. If they have queries and uncertainties about the products, you have to answer them. 

That’s the reason why you need to know your products because you can’t avoid people asking you about the product, as you are the one promoting it. 

It is essential to own the product so that you’ll be happy to share it with your audience.

Moreover, you also have to make them feel that you are reachable and when they have problems or questions. It will not only help you gain their trust, but also you will have more audience. Because news travels through word of mouth, if a happy customer knows someone who also needs your service, that person will surely recommend you. 

What are the things that you need to do when starting up? 

  • Build your own website

A website is one of the best places to compile all your affiliate links, as well as the place for you to generate more income. 

Yes, there are these social media such as Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, and others, but the thing is, you will not have control over your links. Unlike having an official website, you manage it by yourself, so you control the safety of your business. 

It’s in your hands, not on others. So, it will be a lot easier to manage your business. 

  • Disclose that you will have commission when they use your links

Most people appreciate the gesture of being honest. So, you should also apply honesty and transparency to your affiliate business. 

Tell your audience about the commission that you will get when they purchase through your links, and it will not cost them anything. 

The fact that they know that you’re offering something useful to them, sometimes people are generous enough to give support to you. 

  • Keep track of your link analytics

One reason why you need to keep track is that when you know what’s happening on your links can help you strategies. 

That way you’ll be able to keep on record, which one is effective from not, giving you ideas on what to do next for you to avoid getting lost. 

  • Don’t forget to be grateful

Always remember to thank your audience before and after they click on your links. It’s also one strategy to keep them coming again and to spread good words about your products.


Affiliate marketing takes time and effort to flourish, but if you retain the courage you have before even starting as well as some patience, then it’s not impossible for affiliate marketing to succeed.