There is no shortfall when it comes to online business ideas. Although there is no accurate count, studies show almost 100 million freelancers are running their own online businesses.




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The concept of working from homes and be your own boss seems enticing for most people. If you are planning to have your own online business as a side hustle or a full-time entrepreneur, we have complied popular online business ideas for you to choose from.

Online Business Ideas:

1. Service-Based Business

  • Baking

It can be a great business for people who love to bake. Turn your passion into a business. From cakes, donuts, cookies, tarts, macaroons and more. Customized your products with your DIY concept.

  • Teach English or Other Foreign Languages

The quickest way to learn a new language is through online. Communication tools such as Skype, Google Hangouts can be used to communicate with your students. Non-English speaking countries are making an effort to educate people who wanted to learn English. Others want to learn new languages to add to their skills.

  • SEO Specialist

One of the hottest professions in the online world is an “SEO Specialist or SEO Expert”. Businesses are getting obsessed to ranked their business well on Google. Companies are ready to spend money just to increase their exposure to search engines. A website on the 1st page of Google has greater chances of sales than those websites which are not optimized. Expertise in different link building techniques is needed to become an SEO Specialist.

  • Online Courses

Selling Online Courses can make you money. If you have expertise in a certain field, you can create courses and sell them online or you can teach online.

  • Graphic  Designer

Graphic designers are in demand in any kind of online business from small to large businesses. Start a graphic designing business by tapping into this opportunity. Make a portfolio to show your skills.

  •  Web Developer

Website owners are upgrading their websites from time to time to improve their websites and to compete with the present trends. They want to have more sales with an attractive professional look website. This is another great business idea for web developers.

  • App Developer

Like web developers, an app developer can be a perfect business for 2019 and for the coming years. Companies are investing in online apps and the rising need for this skill continues to grow.

  • Video Producer / Editor

To gain more followers on social media sites and other platforms, videos can captivate the attention of audiences compared to website contents. They prefer to watch videos over reading. Brands can be best promoted through videos and video producers and editors is very much in need. If you have the talent to produce videos or edit videos, you can earn money offering your services.

  • Theme Designer

Theme designers like web developers work on websites. Themes are important on any website. It should coincide with the kind of business that you have. Businesses prefer to have a personalized theme than ready-made.

Lucrative People-Based Business:

1. Social Media Manager

Social media is very important in online business. It is quite time-consuming to manage social media accounts the reason why businesses hire social media managers to manage their social media profiles. It is a great chance for social media fanatics to because businesses are outsourcing these kinds of task.

2. Customer Service Agent or Representative

Have the ability to communicate with people and helping them, you can be a customer service agent. Customer service is done through chat, email, phone calls or video calls.

3. Virtual Assistant

Virtual assistant like customer service agents must be good in communication. Virtual assistant tasks are more on data entry, research, scheduling calendar, sending and replying to emails or any other task that a client asks you to do. It is mostly clerical in nature.

4. Lead Generation

Companies are looking for leads to promote their business and as a lead generator, your main task is to look for leads that can be a possible customer. They are looking for ways to increase their conversion rate and most companies outsource this to lead generation service providers.

5. Social Media Influencer

A social media influencer has the ability to influence a large group of people. Brands partner with their chosen influencer to promote their brand. Influencer marketing business is fast growing due to the rapid growth of online businesses. The most popular ways most influencers are using to influencing its audience is through Vlogging, Podcast, FB Live, etc.

Trending Online Business Opportunity Ideas:

  • T-Shirt Online Shop
  • 3D-Printed Products
  • Organic Beauty Shop
  • Mystery Objects Shop
  • Handmade Goods Shop
  • Women’s Sportswear
  • Art Crafts

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How to Start an Online Business:

  1. Decide what kind of online business suits you.
  2. Research the industry that you want and be familiar with the pricing structure of your competitors.
  3. Create your own brand by having a website with an appealing logo.
  4. Market your products by promoting on social media platforms. You can buy ads if you have enough money. Engage in some press release outreach and marketing activities to introduce your brand and products.


Online business ideas are countless. What we have given above are the most popular ones. Office jobs can be done remotely. As technology grows, online businesses are unending. In fact, more and more online shops and business are being created daily. If you are thinking of changing career and want to start your own business, the list of ideas presented is profitable.

The world today is a global marketplace. If you have the skills in any of the ideas mentioned above, you can turn those skills into a business. Earning money nowadays is not that hard compared 20 years ago. Why is that so? It is because through technology anything is possible. With the knowledge and skills, you can make money even when you are at home or at any destination.