Great products, great brand, plus undeniably effective marketing strategies sound like surefire ways to succeed in getting your Shopify store up and running smoothly. But those conversions and sales do not get realized unless you are able to actually manage the orders that you get.

From the minute that a buyer puts in their billing information and hits checkout, you have a new order to process. Packaging, labeling, then finally tracking its shipment from the minute it departs until it arrives to your customer.




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The good thing is that there are already software out there that are designed to manage those tasks for you. With the development of these, it takes away most of the headache that comes with manually handling those tasks.

These order management applications are fully automated, making business operations simpler and more organized. Processes are systematized, so you won’t have everything scattered on the table and risk error. From editing the order, managing the inventory, arranging shipping details, to tracking the order as it goes, these new technological advancement can work wonders for your peace of mind.

However, before we get to that part, we must sort through the hundreds of available applications created for that purpose and narrow it down to the ones that have preferably all of the features your store needs to function.

No worries, I’ve done that for you. All you need to do is scroll down and read through the few suggestions that I have enumerated in this article. Rest assured that these are all recommended by a lot of Shopify stores.

Order Tagger

If you can’t tell from the name itself, this app works by tagging orders from your store. These tags work similarly like those of search algorithms. You get to filter the order based on certain variables of your choice in such a way that is convenient for you. As a seller you can prioritize a particular group of orders to process or customize them depending on how you want to handle them.

The convenience it brings in sorting orders into particular group attributes is a real time-saver. You get a a week of free trial for the app. The average rating for it in Shopify is an outstanding 4.9 out of 5 stars with 148 reviews. Processing and fulfilling orders are entirely automated. You can filter orders with same zip codes, or the ones with products that are already out of stock, or other attributes so you can take care of them at once. The premium version of the app has the ability to connect with Shopify Flow to apply system workflows for recently made orders. Users can formulate their own filter by getting in touch with the support team, which is also very responsive to queries and customer needs.

Simple Purchase Orders

If you are a Shopify dropship store, this app is right for you. Developed by Ghostapps, this PO processing system has the ability to synchronize both the reordering and restocking processes. Pending orders that are only awaiting new stocks can be automatically processed as soon as products become available. Offers a 14-day free trial, then paid versions can cost $14.99 to $59.99 a month. Shopify rating is also great at 4.9 out of 5, with 43 reviews.

You can integrate your own logo to customize purchase orders. You can have presets for prices of items of different variants and from different suppliers. You can also automatically send purchase orders when a product is in stock and automatically process the orders. The template can be manipulated to your liking and convenience. You can add personalized messages to your orders. Payment transaction details can be edited. Multi-currency support, updates are frequent, user-friendly from installation to actual usage.

Stock and Buy

The app gives sellers freedom and more control in the inventory and pricing management that is essential for businesses that require tight and strict financial transparency and accurate accounting data for calculation of assets, and monitoring of revenue and loss. With a monthly fee of $40 for single users with maximum of 100 SKUs, and the $140 a month version for larger scale businesses, the app tracks inventory and orders across all channels. It is synchronized with all your other Shopify-powered stores.

Stock and Buy received a 4.8 rating from 39 reviews. Constant data forecast on present stock count, and if inventory is running low and it has the predictive ability to oversee future demand and recommends you on how much to order. You can just make one listing at it will reflect across all your stores. Makes processing of refunds and restocks easier.


Developed by Customer First Focus, the developer name stays true with its system. A customer-centered platform is what Orderify specializes in. Sellers aren’t the focus of this app, but rather grants customers the ability to update some order details, reorder, or cancel an order altogether. It basically just makes customer service simpler and does not take a toll on the service team to have the burden of making even the slightest change in order details fall on them.

Since the app is not that heavy in terms of managing seller tasks, it only costs $4.99 per month. Free trial is available for 30 days. It has a total of 170 reviews from Shopify stores with a rating of 4.8 stars. Set-up is pretty easy and does not take a lot of time. Order cancellation is hassle-free because of automatically processed refunds once confirmation to cancel is made. Editing an order cancels the previous order and immediately organizes a new order with the same products in cart ready for editing.


Tens of thousands of Shopify stores use this app and over 3,000 sellers have given positive reviews with an average of 4.5. It possesses a balanced service for both sellers and customers alike in such a way that orders are managed with ease, and customer service is improved with the updates and notifications that are sent for regular order tracking.

You can avail of a free plan but you are only limited to a maximum of 50 orders a month. The paid plans however, ranging from 9 to 99 dollars a month allows 2,000 orders a month. There is a free trial for 14 days. Your tracking page can integrate your own brand. Has an automated messaging or email feature that sends shipment tracking details to customers and also they can search for it themselves. Bulk emails can be sent with personalized content. The tracking URL from the shipper is replaced by an link that directs customers to your store thus increasing traffic.

Order Merger, Combine Orders

Orders can be merged to save on shipping resources. Apparently, the developers take pride in their claim to be the only application so far to have this feature. Customers can track the parcel that contains their order among other orders. The free plan consists of 5 free merges, and the succeeding merges costing 50 cents. A $9.99 or $49.99 monthly plan can be availed as well, providing 350 merges for the latter. 14-day trial is available. Reviews are only few, with 37, but ratings are quite great at 4.7 stars.

Certain conditions can be formulated to merge orders with common mailing addresses. Integration of shipments can help immensely in the cutting down on shipping fees. You can notify a customer if their order/s is/are about to be merged and an adjusted shipping fee is processed and a refund is automatically made. All plans have the same accessible features with the exception of the limited number of merges allowed.


The most wholesome order management app in Shopify with a perfect rating. No free trial. Sellers must be prepared for huge investment at a monthly fee of $499 comprising of 2,500 maximum orders, good for 10 users and 5 stores. The highest price is $1,199 a month for large-scale enterprises with max 150,000 orders received each month for 300 users.

The service does justice for the pricing though. It encompasses automation of all management tasks from  inventory to shipping. Real-time systematized inventory updates for transparency across all platforms and stores. Barcode generation for easier counting and recording of parcels. You can customize the notifications you want to get for stock count so you can restock in time. Conduct comparisons between couriers at a given time.

Be the chill boss

These order management apps is every growing business owner’s friend. As your store grows and continually expands (every entrepreneur’s dream), these time and energy saving technology is not anymore a luxury to you but a necessity. Just like corporate bosses need assistants, you as a business owner need a systematized and organized helper as well to carry out tasks that you simply do not have the time for. The time you spend on these tasks could be spent on scaling your business and enhancing your marketing strategy to have more people reach you.

Pick one of the apps mentioned and give it a try to see just how much it could impact your overall handling of your store. Customers notice a store that is efficiently handled and they tend to stick to it.