The evolution of Instagram has been noticeable even in the past few years. And this 2020, the image-centered app has more to offer, especially for bridging consumers and business owners.

Instagram has become one of the largest social media sites that most marketers utilize to gain more brand awareness and reach.

There are tons of Instagram strategies that can surely boost your campaign in 2020. However, sometimes there are also lots of struggles, and it’s not that easy.

So, we are here to share with you some of the tools that you can use to make it easier for you.

Here are the Instagram marketing tools that you can use in your 2020 campaign.

Scheduling Software for Social Media

Sometimes managing your posts is a bit of a struggle, especially for your business. Luckily there are tons of scheduling software for you to manage your content easily.

Social media scheduling software allows you to schedule the publishing of your content on various platforms. You can designate the time and date that you wish it to be posted.

Other software has full features such as analytics and engagement management tools.

One of the leading tools that you can use for scheduling your posts is Hootsuite that offers full feature social media management.

Moreover, you can create an Instagram calendar that can entice your target audience to be interested and engaged with your posts. Hootsuite is also available for other social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, and even LinkedIn.

Instagram Analytics

Instagram has plenty of in-app tools that are invaluable for every business owner, marketer, and even influencer. And one of its perfect tools for boosting your business is its Instagram Analytics.

Instagram Analytics allows users to access the analytical report of their account’s performance. So, it’s easier for you to keep an eye on your content’s engagement, reach, and clicks.

Moreover, you can also optimize your audience targeting through this tool as you can be aware of your target audiences’ analytics.

You can also use third-party analytic tools like Hootsuite for better results. Third-party tools are perfect tools to use in order to improve your brand’s overall performance.

Creators and Editors of Instagram Stories

Instagram stories are one of the significant parts of the platform that is quite helpful in promoting and increasing your brand awareness.

It is good for your social media marketing strategy but creating an appealing story needs time and a lot of effort.

Instagram has its cool effects and stickers that you can add to your images and videos, but it can be more convenient to edit your content beforehand.

There are plenty of editing tools that you can use for free. For images, there is Canva and Snappa, which support graphic designing tools.

Then for editing short videos, you can use Stories Ads, InShot, and Magisto, where you can access great customizable templates. Create interesting videos that are high-quality in minutes.

Instagram Strategies to Optimize in 2020

Marketing tools are great but having the right strategy to navigate those tools successfully is what you need for a better result.

Here are some of the suggested strategies to utilize this 2020:

Focus on Sharing More User-generated Content

What is user-generated content? UGC is when you share one of the posts created by others for your brand. For instance, when one of your customers posted a photo of your product, you can share it as a form of UGC.

Focusing on UGC has been one of the effective strategies ever since. You might have heard about this several times, but it is still invaluable even up to this year.

UGC is essential to build relationships and gain trust to attract more followers and increase engagement, as well as powerful social proof.

It’s a big advantage for your brand as you will benefitting from a post that you did not create. It could be a win-win situation if both are brands that have the same goal of widening their reach.

Take Advantage of Using Stories

Instagram stories are famous, especially that most users are fond of this feature. It’s great to engage and reach more targets, so posting stories regularly is an advantage for your business.

Moreover, stories are the perfect way to show off your brand, inform customers about sales and your deals, and even to encourage them to follow your brand.

Use Relevant Hashtags

You should also remember to include relevant hashtags in your stories to attract more viewers. However, it is essential to plan your hashtags because stuffing your stories with unrelated hashtags won’t benefit your business.

Hashtags are important for most social media sites, especially on Instagram. Here are some of the best practices when using Hashtags in 2020:

  • 11 Hashtags is already enough

Studies say that using more than 11 Hashtags can affect the impact of your posts. According to them, the ideal number of hashtags that you can utilize in your every post is around 11.

  • Use a mix of hashtags

Including a variety of hashtags can help you reach new audiences consistently. Using the same sets of hashtags can impact your brand’s engagement. So, try to create unique lists of hashtags for your every post.

  • Connect with your target audience through hashtags

Using demographics to include in your hashtags is said to be effective. You can consider location-based hashtags to connect with your target audience.

Make Engagement As Your Priority

Your engagement rates are highly important to your social media marketing campaign as it reminds you that you’re still on track. It also reflects how relevant your content is to your audience.

There are few things that you can do to drive engagement on your posts, such as producing a contest, giveaways, polls, intriguing questions, and many more.


Instagram is known for its valuable tools that help many business owners, and they still keep on upgrading the social app.

And as business owners, you should be able to keep up with these upgrades to keep your business on track with your campaigns and marketing strategies.

You should also optimize tools that can make your job easier. Combining both strategies and tools will let you keep up in growing your business.