You are probably well aware that Facebook has a wide range of audiences from all over the world that can help your business grow in 2020.

However, you might have also heard that social media platforms are already overrated for driving traffic to your business. Well, we can say that its impact is not direct but rather indirect where the shares and likes can leverage into driving traffic to your shop.

And besides, Facebook and other social media sites are slowly incorporating essential tools that you can use for your business.

Facebook is on top when it comes to social media marketing as it has billions of users and lots of tools to navigate. So, Facebook marketing is one that is still relevant for businesses even this 2020.

Still doubting about including Facebook Marketing in your brand strategies? Well, here are other valuable reasons to pursue Facebook marketing in 2020.

Wide range of audience

First and foremost, we are all aware of the fact that Facebook has the most number of users under the social media category, with its 2.6 billion users worldwide.

Although it is not more about the number of users but the variety of users that your business can reach. Whatever your business is, it can reach as many target audiences as possible through Facebook.

Facebook Offers full-funnel Targeting

If you’re looking for a platform that can cater all stages of the consumers’ engagement journey, Facebook is all you need.

Starting from catering audience on the casually browsing stage, researching stage, up to the buying stage of the consumer, Facebook caters them all through its amazing features and tools.

Use the platforms and marketing tools like its Stories, Ads, and Carousel Ads to engage with potential customers. Moreover, Facebook ads are tailored with call-to-action buttons that are essential to driving the customers’ intent up to the peak of their engagement journey, which is to transact.

Audience Targeting Transparency

One good thing about leveraging your business on Facebook is having the luxury of controlling your target audience.

You’ll be able to reach the right people for your business because you can actually see through the interest of the users.

Facebook Offers Variety of Ad Formats

Making ads on Facebook can be a lot more convenient as the platform offers a wide range of ad formats that you can utilize. There are 10 formats of Facebook ads that you can try.

Engage the Audience through Varieties of Posts

Facebook is all about creating interesting content that would let your audience engage and increase your brand awareness.

In this social media platform, you can be as creative as you can since you can offer posts based on your preferences. Moreover, you can entice your audience to engage more if you optimize the different types of posts that you can utilize on Facebook.

Types of Facebook Posts

Facebook Text Post

The most basic type of Facebook post is this text post wherein your content is just all in text format. There are no photos, videos, or links that involve here, just mere words.

If you’re thinking that it will not do anything with driving sales, well think again, because you can actually drive traffic to your site through this style.

You can use intriguing questions or statements that will make people curious and even make them visit your site. The key here is using and combining the right words to construct engaging posts.

Facebook Image Posts

Photos alone are highly engaging, especially if it shows a very interesting content. Moreover, people are more likely to engage if the visual is appealing to them.

This is perfect to utilize to show off your products and boost your brands’ personality. Most brands use their own photos, but of course, not all products are tangible since it could be a service that you’re offering.

In that case, try to create infographics or illustrations to show your brands’ products and services. You can also share stock photos that could use some personalization.

You can also make use of famous memes and try to innovate and make it something that stands out for your brand.

Facebook Video Post

Videos can be a great way to entice your audience, especially if your products are visually appealing.

Creativity is what you need when posting a branded video on Facebook. A short interesting video is all good if you make it unique to the eyes of your audience.

Since videos automatically play sometimes when connected to a network, you might want to include subtitles because the sound is not automatically turned on when the video plays.

And when you have a story to tell, longer videos are suggested for you. Telling a great story is one great way to engage with your target audience and boost both reach and engagement rates.

Emotions are highly noted when you want to tell a story about your brand. Try to make people feel those emotions, and they will surely engage. Moreover, you have to make it relatable if you are all for engagement.

Facebook Poll Post

Another way to keep your audience engaged is to optimizing the Facebook poll wherein you strike questions for the audience to vote from the given options.

Facebook Stories

People get more curious if they only see a portion of something. For instance, Facebook stories appear like small squares on top of the feed that sometimes people can’t picture the whole thing. So, the tendency is they will open it to see it clearly.

Facebook Stories are surely powerful for your brand to be known. If you pick the right photo, construct the right caption, or post the right clip, then Facebook stories can be really helpful.

Facebook Live Video

In 2016, Facebook launched a feature where people can record a video live while sharing it with their friends on Facebook.

Live videos are best for you to let the audience get to know the inside of your brand and even interact with them in real-time. It is perfect for you to connect and build trust with your audience.


2020 is more of being in the social media world rather than the real world, as many things have happened this year. So, as business owners, you also need to adapt to the significant change that we encountered.

Facebook marketing is what you’ve been missing if you haven’t had it listed on your marketing strategies. Review the reasons why you need it, and try to focus on the benefit of doing it rather than the negative side.