Monitoring your website as well as spying on your competitors’ site is an integral part of any business. There are ways on how you can see what are your competitors up to especially on their marketing strategies.




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Most companies are now engaged in social media advertisements in promoting their business. They are using Facebook and Instagram advertisements to get new customers. You can now view Facebook and Instagram advertisements run by your competitor in a free-way.

Let’s start with Facebook and Ads

In the year 2018, Facebook added a new feature called “Info and Ads”. We have heard a lot of news and rumors about privacy and tracking of info with Facebook. As a result, many are suggesting that social networking sites should be transparent. Facebook added a new feature for transparency and that is Info and Ads. This feature is designed to increase transparency and accountability that help in preventing abusive use of Facebook.

What is Facebook Info and Ads?

Facebook and Info and Ads can be found on every Facebook Page. It directly allows people to see any information about a certain company or organization. It also allows us to view other ads running across Facebook, Instagram, Messenger, and Audience Network.

Step in Viewing Your Competitor’s Facebook Running Ads:

1.Search a brand you would like to view and click on the Facebook Business Page.

2. Go to the “Page Transparency” section.

3.Click “See More”. There you will see the ads in the “Ad Library”. All active ads can be viewed in the library, even you are not a target audience.

4. If you want to view ads by country, go to filter by and choose the country you would like to view

Steps in Viewing Your Instagram Competitors Ads:

  1. Navigate to the Instagram Profile page of your competitor.
  2. Click the horizontal dots behind the name in the upper right corner.
  3. Go to “About This Account” option.
  4. You will see below “Active ads” click to view.

In Instagram Info and Ads, you can view the ads by format in “Feed “or “Story”. Having knowledge about your competitors’  website running ads, you can use them by improving your own marketing strategies and campaigns.

Benefits of Viewing Your Competitors’ Ads.:

Spying on someone’s business seems uninteresting, however, if you do it right, it can be useful in improving your own campaigns. It’s not copying other peoples ideas but it is one way of gaining insights and formulate your own. It can be a form of inspiration to you to create ads that can work for your business. This is useful especially if you are planning to start a new business. By having an idea of what tactics your competitors are using can be a basis for you on what tactics to use. It will save you time and effort.

What to Look for In Spying Your Competitors Ads?

1. Videos and Images

Videos and Images are an important part of an advertisement because they can get more engagement than those without videos and images. By hearing and seeing a piece of information, almost 65 percent is retained in our mind. If you only hear it, only 10 percent of the information is retained after 3 days. An advertisement is more effective with an image and a video. Just like learning, learning is more effective when seen and heard.

Observe the kind of visuals they are using. What do they feature? How they are styled? What graphics like? Another aspect to look at is the text and visuals.

2. Headlines

Headlines is another component that you need to pay close attention. The first thing that people read in an advertisement is the headline. It must be attractive that can grab the attention of the reader on a first glance. Good headlines are short and benefit-driven.

3. Copywriting

Next is the “copy” or the text. Is it short or long? The language they use is it formal or informal in nature. Serious or with a sense of humor? Do they use hashtags?

4. Offers and Deals

Notice the kind of offers and deals that your competitor use. This will help you create your own product promotions. Are they providing promo codes, free shipping, and other incentives?

5. Audience Targeting

See the target audience. It will give you an idea on how to do ad targeting.

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Limitations in Facebook Info and Ads:

  1. Ad’s Engagement can’t be viewed.
  2. No information about the different formats or platforms the ads are displayed on. The ads you see might be running on Instagram, Facebook, Messenger or Facebook’s Audience Network.
  3. You can view ads by country, but not the detailed targeting which includes: interest, demographics, and ad spend.
  4. The number of likes, views, and shares can’t be seen.

Can You View Your Competitor’s Facebook Ads on Mobile Phones?

Yes, it can be accessed through the Info and Ads Facebook mobile app. On the Facebook Cover Photo of a Brand or Company Page, there is an icon “i” on the bottom. Click on the icon and it will go directly to the Facebook Page’s Info and Ads section. Tap the Active ads and scroll down.

Bonus Tip:

Promoted Tweets on Twitter can also be viewed. It has a similar feature to Facebook Info and Ads. The feature allows you to see Promoted Tweets, Promoted-Only Tweets and Promoted Tweets that were suspended and the reason for suspension. Visit Twitter’s Ad Transparency Center.


Spying on your competitors Facebook Info and Ads is a powerful tool when used correctly. Improve your ads strategy based on the information you have discovered and learned. Take a close look at the most important elements such as the images, video, graphics, headlines, copy, offers, and target audience.

Learn from others, but stay customer-focused. Too much spying may sometimes lead to re-direction of your main intention. The more you focus on your competitor the lesser time you will have on your customers. Over spying can hinder you to create new and unique ads. Focus more on your customers. They are the ones that can determine your success.