Are you wondering if your social media profiles have an impact on your SEO? Maybe you’ve heard about the theories lurking around that it doesn’t have anything for your SEO.

There have been arguments about that for a while now, but it seems to no end. So, we are here to give our side about that matter.

Social media doesn’t directly affect your SEO, but it surely has an impact on the traffic and rankings of your site, making it still essential and impactful for SEO.




Here are some reasons why social media are still one of those powerful tools for your SEO:

Why You Need Social Media for SEO?

It can drive traffic to your site

If you want your content to rank up, one of the major things that you should note is the traffic. For instance, if you are aiming for your landing page to have a higher ranking on Google, there should be enough traffic on your site.

And to gain more traffic, you have to navigate your social media accounts to make your brand visible to your target audience.

The power of sharing and network is one of the main strengths of social media sites. When people share your content, the possibility of driving more traffic to your site is more than you can think of, especially if your post blows up. And on that note, more traffic to your site means a higher chance of going up on the rankings.

It is essential for Reaching a Wider Audience

On social media, your audience is not limited to those who just search for a certain keyword. Your content can reach other people who are not even searching for your content. It is laid in front of them without even realizing that they need that piece of information.

Although it’s not easy to just gain thousands of likes and shares on social media, because you have to really give them striking and engaging content. So, it is not just about creating and posting content but also making sure that you provide good quality and worth sharing content.

It serves as Search Engines as well

Believe it or not, someone might have found your landing page through searching it on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or other socials since they also serve as search engines.

Your social media helps your visibility to flourish through its search engines. So, it is essential for you to optimize your social accounts for a better ranking and more reach.

Another important thing to remember is putting relevant keywords on your content’s description. You can use keyword tools to generate some keywords that will actually drive sales.

It serves as a local SEO

You can also expect an impact from your social media to your local SEO. One way to do this is by maintaining your NAP or name, address, and phone number of your business in all of your social accounts. On that note, Google will consider your site to be credible, and it will eventually boost your local rankings on search results.

Moreover, other social media platforms allow geo-tag to be more visible to your target audience. The specific geotagging of locations on your sites can be of great help to be searchable by local users.

Your YouTube SEO matters

One of the most popular video-based social media is YouTube. The videos that you have uploaded on YouTube get unexpected rankings from search engine results.

Most popular and trending videos popped up as suggested ones adding more value to your SEO.

Tips on Improving your Social Media

Update your profile regularly

So, we encourage you to give optimal efforts to create an appealing youtube channel with good quality content because that’s how you can truly create an impact on SEO through social media.

Updating your business social media profile regularly will help you gain more trust from your audience as they know that your business is active.

You don’t have to change something from your profile every day, just try to keep your profile posted when you have something new to add. Besides, it will let Google and other search engines find you easily.

Include basic information on your profile

The basic information such as the name of your business, location, contacts, and other important details are very essential to include on your social media sites.

As mentioned above, some people are using social media to search for the brand that they are looking for, so it’s necessary to have all the information that they need about your business.

Make sure to also update that information to avoid losing valuable customers with just one mistake.

Post content regularly

Well, you don’t have to flood your social media with posts every day. Just keep your audience updated about the happenings on your business or when you are offering new products.

Regularly does not mean you have to post bland content, you also need to check the quality of content you are posting because people focused on quality over quantity.

Engage with your audience

As much as possible, try to engage with your audience as there is a big potential for them to be your loyal customer when you build a great relationship with them.

Don’t ignore those comments and criticisms, instead try to answer them nicely and politely.

The same goes for when people try to compliment your products or your business– try to answer them and make them feel that you appreciate them.


Social media platforms are undeniably helpful in marketing products and helping businesses grow. You may have doubts about the impact it could give to your SEO, but it’s time to realize that social media sites can help you a lot with your business, regardless if it’s direct or indirect.

To conclude, improving your social media business site now can be of great help to you in the future.