One of the most frequently asked questions in online forums is about which products to sell online. This article is a guide for deciding which items to sell online, focusing specifically on how to find great dropshipping product ideas. This article outlines tips and tricks that help with finding products that actually sell. You will learn how to use Google Trends to determine what to sell online, and how you can make a profit by selling things that people buys.




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The goal of this article to provide a roadmap to generate the best dropshipping product ideas, as well as giving the knowledge needed to strategically filter out ideas that aren’t worth testing. The article will be useful for all shopify dropshippers as well as for small and medium-sized businesses that are looking for new dropshipping ideas and to sell items online with increased profit margins.

Why you should sell products online using dropshipping?

Before getting into figuring out what to sell online, you need to know what is dropshipping and what are the benefits of this business model? In understanding these, users will have a clearer understanding of the unique considerations that are needed in order to successfully finding which products to sell.

Dropshopping is a popular form of ecommerce which allows merchants to sell products without having to stock any products in stock up front. This helps to cut costs and liabilities and stocking the merchandise without knowing what will actually sell. You as a dropshippers get to decide price markups and run their business from anywhere. As long as you have internet connection and a online business you are good to go!

Dropshipping also gives users the freedom of staying on top of current trends because it allows users to easily change what is sold in stores whenever they want which is a benefit of chosing dropshipping over more traditional brick and motor store. Finding the right products to sell to the right market at the right time generates profits.

What to sell online: How to find products to dropship

  • Brainstorm dropshipping product ideas

You should never start with a blank page, so using a too like Google Trends can bring out new possibilities and rationalize product investments to plan a dropshipping business successfully. Users have a lot of inspiration and information in their heads, so that is a good place to start. It is good to write down everything that comes to mind, no matter if it will be a bestseller or not. This step provides an important foundation for completing the next steps.

  • Find products to sell online through browsing other shops

When browsing other stores, look at what they have to offer, their bestselling and promoted products, and what approaches they are using to sell their products. Website owners can use this information for their benefit as it can help to chose which products to sell. Some stores and resources to review are Amazon Best Sellers, Ebay Daily Deals, LighInTheBox Top Sellers List, and Oberlo’s List of What to Sell Online.

  • Find the best dropshipping products on social shopping sites

Between sites like Plyvore, Wanelo, Fancy, Pinterest, and even Instagram, there is a very large number of products that can easily be sorted by popularity, trends, categories, and more. These sites are often overlooked in research, but they are valuable for insights about popular items.

It is a good idea to create an account on each of these sites and subscribe to different categories and lists in order to follow what people like. This will allow users to surround themselves with inspiration in order to quickly come up with dropshipping product ideas that will generate profit.

  • Ask friends for dropshipping ideas

It is smart to research Google Trends data on popular products and ask friends their opinions on these items. Talking with friends of all ages and backgrounds will give a wide variety of ideas and a wide range of perspectives about what to sell online. This will generate dropshipping ideas that haven’t been considered and will make ecommerce stores better.

  • Look around for additional ideas about what to sell online

A house, workspace, and places in a community that are frequently visited can spark ideas for items to sell. Things to consider: are there products people can’t live without, which would make life easier, things that are hard to find in a supermarket or local shops. This could be the key to sell products that will turn a profit.

Lots of dropshipping ideas can come from traveling, as well as in everyday life. Daily life is a great databank for ideas, so it is important to stay alert and spot opportunities. Adopting this mindset will generate hundreds of products and dropshipping ideas daily.

Being active with ideas will help come up with a list of the best dropshipping products for a store, so it is important to be observant and remember to write all ideas down.

  • Sites to avoid when coming up with dropshipping ideas

Sites that are not so good for dropshipping ideas are sites like and These are not inherently bad sites, and they are good for other purposes, but when it comes to generating product ideas and deciding what ideas to sell, these kinds of sites publish ideas that are often out of reach for average merchants.

This is because too many other merchants have already used these ideas, or these items are too difficult to obtain. These sites may have good dropshipping product ideas, but these might not be good for a particular store.

To successfully sell products online: next steps

The next step after getting a list of dropshipping products is to refine it. This is how to narrow down product ideas by filtering them under the following considerations so only the best products remain. This will be an ongoing list as more inspiration is drawn and more product trends are discovered.

What To Sell Online: Deciding on Top Selling Products:

While anyone can import products into stores, the tricky part is knowing what products to sell online based on what will fit with the store’s marketing campaigns, what will display well on a homepage, and will generally make sense with the brand.

Top selling products are called “Alpha Products” and draw a lot of traffic to a store. After determining Alpha Products, it is easy to fill in the rest of the store with cross-selling, upselling, and related products.

1. Think niche to find dropshipping product ideas

Niche shops have become a trend and proven, successful strategy with the rise of dropshipping. This makes sense because it is hard to fight big stores or categories that are broad or general.

A good idea is to supple niche products that are not easily found from the bigger stores.

2. The “stay away” categories when finding products to sell online

Some of these products may overlap with niche products, but all the same it is important to narrow down product selection by excluding items in the “stay away” categories. These include product categories that have grown significantly and had too many strong sellers supplying the items.

For example, things like books, jewelry, electronics, and clothing already have a strong showing in the market. (Although these categories could be made niche by selling plus size clothing, or clothing for a specific activity, etc. Stick more to subcategories than general categories.)

3. Identify online products that customers will buy repeatedly

Instead of thinking of customers buying an item once, think of products that they will buy repeatedly over time. These can include cosmetics, clothing, and party supplies. Also you can look up some of the top product that came to the market recently such as dollarbeardclub, dollarshaving club etc. Your fan will always comeback and will buy again and again

Target them with remarketing campaigns and personalized emails after the first purchase to build a great relationship that will lead customers back.

4. Make use of the price sweet spot

The lower the price is, the better the conversion rate, and the higher the price, the more support needs to be provided. The sweet spot is $40-$60 (a 200% markup). Within this range profits are high enough to cover marketing costs of up to $20/sale. Customers are also more likely to buy within this range than in a higher range.

5. Leverage ePacket through dropshipping products

ePacket is a great service that has fast shipping from China to over 30 countries worldwide. When using this it’s important to keep in mind that a product’s weight can’t exceed 3 kgs, and package size must be at least 14 cm x 11 cm, and no more than 90 cm between length, width, and height. The value of the item cannot be more than $400.

6. Chose a dropshipping product that lasts

Products can ship all over the world, resulting in a long delivery process, unless sellers set parameters. Choosing fragile products could get broken in transit and lead to unhappy customers and many returns, so chose a product that will survive a long transit.

7. Know your marketing channels to sell more drop shipping products

After learning how to sell products with good profit potential, it’s time to think about a marketing strategy. Having a good dropshipping product idea isn’t enough; it is important to plan for how to sell these products in order to be successful in ecommerce. Having the right marketing plan allows sellers to easily sell products online.

The best way to stand out from competitors is effective marketing and being familiar with different marketing channels. Different marketing channels are going to be better for different products. Do research to figure out what channels are best for a particular product, remembering to examine time, money, and knowledge, and then select one or two marketing channels that work.

8. Keyword tools and Google Trends

These are a must if using Google Adwords as a marketing channel or if a seller is trying to boost organic traffic to a site. These resources help to see which products are currently trending and allow sellers to check the demand of their dropshipping product ideas.

  • Keyword tool

Enter each product name and variations into the Google Keywords Analysis tool and the system will generate data about how competitive the keywords are. The more competitive the keyword, the pricier it will be to use on Google Adwords.

Select “Keyword Ideas” and it will show how many searches each Low Competition Keyword receives. It’s important to pay attention to these keywords when starting out as they are more budget friendly and up against less competition.

  • Google Trends has the same idea. Enter each product idea into the search engine to determine trends of interest based on search volume. The resource shows what is currently trending, and data about the frequency of a given keyword search over time.

Users can see if a trend is increasing or decreasing, if there are any patterns, or any spikes. This can help in deciding whether it’s the right time to sell a product, and can help give a clearer understanding of customer behavior.

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9. How to know which products to sell online

Avoid product categories that have little or no search traffic and all ideas that have high competition according to Google Keyword Analysis, if planning to grow organically. Find a balance between a search volume that’s not too competitive but enough to indicate a demand for a product.

10. Using seasonality to determine what to sell online

Use caution when there is spike in interest in a product, as it could be in high demand because of the time of year. Avoid seasonal products such as Christmas decorations, as this reduces the sales cycle. Use core products that will sell all year round.

11. Exercise caution with copyrighted images

When sourcing branded items from a store, it can be hard to find suppliers that sell copyright items. Chances are that copyrighted products from little-known suppliers are fake. If an item’s logo or design is too similar to other brands it can cause legal issues and tarnish a store’s reputation. Don’t be too cautious when selecting items on these grounds, and steer clear of anything resembling an existing brand.

12. Competition considerations for what to sell online

After refining a list based on proven strategies, all that’s left for consideration is the competition. Even with eliminating broad categories, there is still competition within the niche categories. Check if the product is already widespread among other websites buy Googling it and doing a product image search.

Look at how many shops have similar items, and check their pricing strategy, popularity, traffic (use sites like or, and which marketing channels they use. Eliminate ideas that have a big competition.

13. Order samples from suppliers

After choosing some dropshipping products, be sure to order samples from suppliers and go through the process that customers will go through to learn about delivery times, product quality, and tracking abilities.

How to find products to sell online: conclusion

Having a clear product selection process in place to figure out what to sell is highly important, as too many people pick dropshipping items on a whim instead of choosing carefully. Using the steps above will help to narrow down lists and figure out what products to sell. Test out and properly research the best dropshipping product ideas for a store.