Helping to undo the degradation of the earth’s natural resources is something that should be mandatory to all industries and businesses. Amazon initiated a program in 2019 – a pledge for sustainability through lessening carbon emissions in all aspects of their business – called the Climate Pledge.

The developments in human technology may have improved our way of life, but it has also severely impacted our planet negatively. The effects of climate change are felt all around the world and the residents of this planet are suffering from it. Along with that, e-commerce has been steadily increasing as an industry, which means we will be more reliant on technology as it progresses. Suppliers of products being sold online are mostly from the other hemisphere. This equates to lower pricing. However, harm to environment is a price we have to pay for this convenience.




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Many environmental factors take the blow with the e-commerce platform. Water, land, and mineral resources are being used. Thus, this equates to a necessity in acquisition of these essential requirements. Increase in deforestation and mining activities are observed as the industries of the world develop. As a result of the exploitation of natural resources, our natural habitat suffers and in turn, we reap the consequences.

On the bright side, people are becoming more and more aware of this. Countermeasures are being actively initiated and continually done to repair the damages. Large companies and industries are also turning to eco-friendly solutions for manufacturing, production, and logistics.

Amazon’s grand move made headlines last year. Their plan to greatly reduce carbon emissions for their operations is praised and has attracted several investors. As a matter of fact, just last June of this year, the company announced its 2-billion dollar funding to get a headstart on their sustainability projects.

Amazon is encouraging their sellers to take part in this initiative by having their products listed under the Climate Pledge Friendly program, which is basically a collection of sustainable and ecological products. This program is affiliated with reliable third-party regulatory boards to form a standard criteria from which the assessments of products are based on.  

Why are businesses adapting to this transition?

To business owners with little to no regard in the well-being of the planet, this may only be something that they would deem as an unnecessary issue if only it hadn’t become a global initiative. In order to achieve the endgame, which is the healing of the planet, the largest carbon emission contributors must change their ways and be more concerned with the environmental repercussions of their operations.

The number one priority of business owners is to remain in the business. They have begun to look at their strategies from a new and more long-term perspective that includes sustainability solutions as a major factor to consider. Most of them have even incorporated this in their business plans. Brands and businesses that engage in sustainable solutions and more eco-friendly methods attract more customers and are more likely to experience great growth.

Benefits of Sustainable Approaches to your Business

Reduced Overall Costs

Resources are put to good use and have better functionality, water use is lowered, efficient waste segregation and disposal, and energy sources are conserved. With all these benefits, you are sure to give your finances some rest and save up on a lot of expenses.

Wider Range of Recruitment

The number of people who specialize in environmental solutions and are knowledgeable in social and economic issues are now growing because of the ease in access to information, leading people to be more educated about global circumstances and driving them to take action.

Creates a Better Image

Green is in. Your brand or business can be viewed as a modern and responsible enterprise. Your participation in this initiative puts you in a good light to your market and your investors. You are more likely to gain recognition and brand awareness when you take part in greener actions to save the planet.

Amazon Climate Pledge

“Net Zero Carbon by 2040” is the first thing you will see when you land on the Climate Pledge website. This was co-founded by Amazon with the intention to address the threat posed by climate change by reverting to sustainable solutions for business operations.

September 2019, CEO Jeff Bezos, along with UN diplomat Christina Figueres, announced the establishment of the Climate Pledge with the ultimate goal of zero carbon emission in the next two decades.

Big names like Best Buy, Mercedes Benz, Verizon, McKinstry, Schneider Electric, and other industrial giants have signed on and made their commitment to go about their businesses the ecological way, and take part in related projects. As part of the agreement, the participating companies are obligated to conduct regular monitoring and tracking of their greenhouse gas emissions, take steps in gradually discontinuing the use of carbon in their processes, and come up with counteractive measures to combat the remaining carbon emissions.

The First Milestones

By April 2020, Amazon allocated 10 million dollars for the reforestation and conservation of 4 million acres of forestry in the Appalachian mountain ranges and other greenlands in different parts of the United States.

A month later, the first pledge outside of the US was announced. An amount of 4 million dollars was given to fund an Urban Greening Program in Germany, aimed to minimize the possible damages that can be brought about by the effects of climate change. The main objective was to plant as many trees as possible especially in flood-prone areas, and incorporate more greenery in urban areas.

Amazon has also transformed its logistics operation and is patronizing electric vehicles for their deliveries in Europe.

How to Qualify for a Climate Pledge Friendly Certification

As mentioned, part of Amazon’s actions toward achieving the objective the Climate Pledge program is giving its online sellers the chance to participate as well. Because the goal is huge, and it cannot be done with only a few large industries doing something about. Every action, no matter how small, is significant in reaching that goal.

Products on the Amazon platform can be given a certification of sustainability, called the Compact by Design, if they pass the assessment process collaborated on with government agencies and private scientific institutions. Since these products will most likely be highlighted in view of the patronizing of sustainable products, being a part of this can surely benefit you.

To be Compact by Design, your product (provided it has been listed in the Amazon Brand Registry), must have at least one eco-friendly attribute, be classified under a category that falls under the program, and be qualified in terms of unit efficiency.


2020 has been an eye-opener of a year for us. The disasters that have struck in various parts of the world has made us rethink about the consequences of our actions. It has dawned on us that we have denied our planet the care that it deserves because we were too focused on improving our individual lives without the regard that by doing so, we have harmed our home planet.

There is nothing wrong with having it easy. Technology has made it easy for us. However, we should also take into consideration that there are alternative ways to do things and that easy is not always good. There are more alternative ways and safer options that we need to live by so we can repair the damage on our environment instead of worsen it.