YouTube has been one of the leading marketing platforms nowadays. However, many are still avoiding to maximize this site to market their businesses through video ads for obvious reasons: (1) video ads are much expensive than other types of ads, (2) it’s complicated.

That’s the reason why most business owners opt to take the easy track of using Google Ads because of its simple codes. But video marketing in 2020 can be the marketing strategy that you’re missing out. So, here’s some heads up on why you need to start running YouTube Ads now.

Reasons to Start Incorporating YouTube Ads in your Marketing Strategies

YouTube is starting to keep up with Facebook reaching billions of users all around the world. Because of its undeniable reach, it’s not impossible to market your brand as quickly as possible. 

One of the advantages of Youtube to other social media platforms is it’s one-way communication unlike other social media sites that focuses on multiple channels of communication. For instance, with Facebook, people are divided to either browse feed or message with friends.

If they choose socializing rather than scrolling through the newsfeed, the chance of your ad to be seen is low. On the other hand on YouTube, the only motive of the users is to stream videos which are great for campaign ads. 

Moreover, the beauty of Youtube ads comes along with the reason that you have lots of options when it comes to targeting audiences. You’ll be able to show the ads to specific people that can reward you potential sales such as creators and individual channels. 

Formats of Youtube ads that you need to know

Now that you’re enlightened and decided to add YouTube ads as part of your campaign, it’s time to know more about the formats that you’ll encounter along the way. 

Considering the video ads format is one of the first things that you need to include when creating your video because each format has different lengths, timing, and features. 

Skippable In-Stream Ads

This is also known as True View Ads or the ads that popped up before a video starts to play. Most marketers have come to love this format as the billing timing options are controllable. 

There is an option when you use CPV bidding where you will only pay the ad if the user has watched 30 seconds of the advertisement. 


  • The length of the video ad under the Skippable ads is12 seconds minimum up to 3 minutes maximum. 
  • You can choose the timing either during, after, or before the video. 
  • In terms of CTA, optional CTA of 10-character long and a headline of 15 characters. 
  • The comparison banner of the right side is 300×60 PX

Unskippable In-Stream Ads

It was known before as pre-roll ads with in-stream ads for up-to 15-seconds long. In this format, the ad does not have a companion banner. Although it includes the link to the advertiser’s website, it does not have other call-to-action embedded. 


  • The length of the video that you can shoot is up to 15 seconds only
  • You can add the ad during, before, or after the video
  • The CTA is the same as the Skippable ads format having an optional 10-character long CTA and a headline of 15 characters. 
  • In this format, you’ll have to pay per impressions (CPM)

TrueView Video Discovery Ads

In this format, which is also known as the Previously In-display Ads that advertise your video ads on the platform itself. 

It is a perfect format for those whose goal is to improve the target reach through the ads. 


  • The minimum length of the video that you can create on this format is 12 seconds
  • The headline is 100 characters with a description of 2×35 characters
  • You can pay it per clicks to initiate views or CPC. 

Bumper Ads

Usually, Bumper ads are 6-seconds video ads that users can’t skip. They are perfect for those who want to let the viewers anticipate and interact. 

This format is much more affordable and versatile as it can increase brand awareness. Creativity and out of the world ideas will help your brand nail this format. 


  • Video length is for just 6 seconds making it a bit of a challenge for ad creators
  • You can also choose the placement of the ad whether before, after, or during the stream. 
  • The CTA is optional that can be 10 characters long and a headline of 15 characters. 
  • The payment is per impressions or CPM. 

YouTube Masthead

On the top of the YouTube homepage, you will find this kind of video ad. It plays automatically and looks big that you can’t sometimes ignore it. 

Since it is visible and has the feature of auto-play, YouTube Masthead ads will definitely increase your brand awareness and reach. 


  • The youtube video ad can be viewed on a high resolution of 1209×1080 or higher. 
  • The recommended length for. The headline is 23 characters long with a description of 60 characters long that is compatible with both mobile and television. 
  • It’s recommended to have 10 characters or less for the CTA button. 

YouTube Ads extensions

Adding extensions for your ads is made possible by YouTube. If you use the campaign TrueView for Actions, adding sitelinks is available for better performance. 

Video Ad Sequencing

Thus the name itself, video ad sequencing, suggests creating a sequence of short video ads to tell your story. Multiple videos can have more engagement with your target audience as they create anticipation for the viewers to grab more of it. 

The Secret Formula for a Perfect Ad

There’s no perfect ad, but you can make it possible if you consider certain things such as:

Target Audience

For every content, post, or video, the factor that we should not always forget is the target audience. Ask yourself if whom are you trying to convey the message in your ad. 

You always need to remember your target audience, as it will be the root of all other aspects that you need to make a successful ad. 

Relevance of the content

Be familiar with what your audience is watching every day and incorporate that knowledge to create a great ad. This way you can make relevant content that will eventually drive sales.

Relevant integration

If you know more about your target audience, you’ll likely know as well what integrations you should incorporate into your ads. Whether you need to adjust the tone, setting, or add humor to it.