Workable is a recruitment tool designed to simplify the process of finding and hiring new talent for businesses of any size. While it offers automation and organization features, there are other tools available that offer superior functionality. You may read our Top Applicant Tracking Software that may help you in choosing the right platform for your business.

Workable could benefit from enhanced access to hiring team structure and more customizable requisitions, as well as better search capabilities for candidate past applications and overall searchability.

As a result, we have covered a list of 15 Workable alternatives that provide comparable yet advanced features to streamline and enhance the recruitment process for businesses. You can also read our Review on Workable to learn more about it.

1. Jobvite

While some companies may not struggle with recruitment, they may face difficulties with managing applicants and employees, which is where Jobvite can serve as a viable alternative to Workable.

Jobvite offers an end-to-end solution that covers the entire recruitment process, from attracting and preparing potential candidates to hiring and managing employees.

One key advantage of Jobvite over Workable is its job description grader, which evaluates job ads and descriptions to identify and eliminate recruitment obstacles. This feature enables businesses to quickly draft targeted and effective job ads that attract high-quality talent.

Compared to Workable, Jobvite excels at recruiting individuals with specific skills and experience, providing businesses with greater confidence in their hiring decisions.

Jobvite also offers improved speed and efficiency, resulting in a seamless and effortless recruitment process for both candidates and companies.

2. HireFunnel

If you find yourself struggling with recruitment, onboarding, and managing job ads, Hire Funnel could be the solution you need to streamline your hiring process.

Hire Funnel provides businesses with the ability to automate numerous laborious tasks, resulting in more time to concentrate on the candidates and interviews. With Hire Funnel, setting up an interview is a one-time process, and candidates can sign up for the interview themselves. The platform provides a centralized location to manage all interviews, eliminating the need for manual tracking and scheduling.

Simply set up the job and advertise it to start receiving interviews. The platform simplifies the interview process, enabling businesses to easily set up meetings and interact with candidates to make informed hiring decisions. Unlike other tools that rely heavily on CVs, Hire Funnel places more emphasis on face-to-face interaction, allowing candidates to better express themselves.

Powered by the cloud, Hire Funnel is accessible from any device with a camera and an internet connection, providing a seamless and positive experience for candidates. In summary, Hire Funnel not only simplifies and enhances the recruitment process but also creates a favorable impression of the company for potential employees.

3. FreshTeam

If you are looking for a comprehensive HR solution that goes beyond recruitment and hiring, Freshteam from Freshworks is an excellent alternative to Workable. With a range of features designed to streamline HR processes and enhance employee management, Freshteam is an ideal choice for businesses looking to grow.

Freshteam is a multifaceted tool that can automate repetitive tasks and routines, expedite the onboarding process, organize data effectively, and manage time off more efficiently. The software's seamless applicant tracking system saves time and effort in sourcing and hiring top talent, while its paperless onboarding feature simplifies the recruitment process.

In addition to recruitment, Freshteam offers an all-in-one HR management solution, including employee database management, time-off tracking, and other HR-related tasks. By providing comprehensive support for HR processes, Freshteam is a much better alternative for businesses looking to grow while also streamlining HR-related tasks.

4. Recruitee

If Workable is too complicated or not meeting your hiring needs, consider Recruitee as an alternative solution.

Recruitee is a user-friendly hiring tool that allows you to customize your hiring pipeline and keep everything organized for maximum efficiency. With a simple interface that consists of three tabs, you can easily manage your job ads, interviews, and candidates.

One of the best things about Recruitee is its versatility. Whether you're hiring for a small business or managing recruitment for a large agency or enterprise, Recruitee can meet your needs. Plus, the platform comes with a mobile app that enables you to stay up-to-date on the hiring process, even when you're on-the-go.

Recruitee simplifies the hiring process and assists in identifying the ideal candidates for your team, making it a highly effective solution.

5. TalentLyft

TalentLyft offers a comprehensive solution that goes beyond traditional talent acquisition tools, making it an excellent alternative to Workable. Its integrated system includes an Applicant Tracking System (ATS), recruitment marketing platform, sourcing, and talent CRM solutions, covering all aspects of finding, hiring, and managing talent.

One of TalentLyft's standout features is its omnichannel recruitment process, which combines multiple channels like social media, job boards, and referral programs, among others, to streamline candidate sourcing and improve their hiring experience. This approach not only simplifies the hiring process but also enhances a company's reputation among professionals.

With TalentLyft, everything you need for hiring is available in one place, allowing for a smooth and efficient recruitment process. Additionally, the system provides valuable insights that enable you to make informed decisions and hire the right candidates. Overall, TalentLyft is an excellent choice for companies looking for a comprehensive talent acquisition solution.

6. ZohoRecruit

Zoho Recruit offers a Workable alternative that places a strong emphasis on accelerating the acquisition of new talent for your business. Its primary goal is to optimize the speed of filling roles while still maintaining high-quality standards for talent.

Zoho Recruit's significant advantage is that it's a cloud-based tool, which allows you to access it remotely without any security concerns. It is suitable for both short-term and long-term hiring needs, as well as for HR and staffing agencies.

In addition to sourcing talent quickly, Zoho Recruit allows you to perform background checks on all candidates in your pipeline through its intuitive interface. The platform is also well integrated with LinkedIn, enabling you to easily source candidates based on their professional profiles.

Furthermore, Zoho Recruit provides opportunities for automating certain parts of the hiring process. For instance, the creation of a blueprint ensures that the entire hiring team is on the same page and prevents the need for individual questions.

7. Lever

Lever is a comprehensive all-in-one hiring tool designed to increase efficiency, diversity, equity, and inclusion in the hiring process, making it a great alternative to Workable.

Lever combines two tools – an application tracking system and a customer relationship manager – to help you source, manage and hire top talent. With Lever, you can manage the entire hiring process, from sourcing and interviewing to analysis and rediscovery of talent.

Lever's Chrome extension provides an easy way to check campaign progress, application status, interview schedules, and more. Additionally, Lever's hiring manager dashboard offers a visually intuitive way to track pipeline performance, conversion rates, and talent diversification, giving hiring managers valuable insights for decision-making.

8. Headstart

If you're looking for a hiring tool that can help you find top talent twice as fast, and prioritize diversity and inclusion, then consider Headstart as a Workable alternative. With Headstart, you can instantly scan thousands of candidates, streamline the hiring process, and reduce the time spent on finding the right candidate.

Compared to Workable, Headstart has three major advantages. First, it can help you find suitable candidates more quickly. Second, it offers instant screening and automation of the hiring process, allowing you to focus on what matters most. Finally,

Headstart is designed to be fair and unbiased, ensuring that all candidates receive equal consideration.
According to Headstart, their tool can help you save up to 50% of your screening time, achieve a 91% application completion rate, and improve female hiring rates.

9. InterviewPass

If your priority is to hire the best talent without worrying about filling roles quickly, InterviewPass can be a more suitable alternative to Workable.

InterviewPass offers a unique approach to hiring by focusing on creating online assessments that help you evaluate candidates and hire top talent. With InterviewPass, you can easily set up various assessments, including video interviews, case studies, written communication, and custom assignments.

This approach streamlines the hiring process and allows you to learn more about candidates beyond their resumes. Additionally, InterviewPass offers a range of assessment options, including behavioral interviews, language tests, situational judgment tests, screening tests, culture fit tests, and skill assessment tests.

While Workable also provides these assessment options,
InterviewPass offers a different approach that can fit any company, employee type, or industry. So, if your priority is to hire the best talent, InterviewPass can be a great alternative to Workable.

10. JobKitten

Jobkitten is an excellent option for small businesses that are looking for a free alternative to Workable. As an applicant tracking system, Jobkitten allows you to manage all your candidates in one place, regardless of the source. You can easily sign up for free with your Google account, and it's entirely web-based.

Despite being free, Jobkitten offers excellent features, such as the ability to collaborate with your colleagues and review candidates' interviews. Additionally, Jobkitten has a mobile app that helps you stay up-to-date with your hiring process from almost any device.

With Jobkitten, you can source candidates and talent from anywhere, making the hiring process easier and more efficient. This way, you can focus on advertising your job openings and finding the best fit for your business.

11. iCIMS Talent Cloud

The iCIMS Talent Cloud offers an excellent alternative to Workable, providing an easy-to-use hiring process that prioritizes attracting and engaging top talent. The platform's artificial intelligence-based applicant tracking system, in combination with pre-built templates, streamlines and simplifies the hiring process, saving you valuable time. Additionally, the platform provides advanced features like career paths and dynamic candidate profiles, along with analytics to help you make data-driven hiring decisions.

One of the major strengths of iCIMS is its ability to attract qualified talent from various career sites, making it an excellent choice for any industry. The platform is also highly customizable and can be integrated with other tools you may be using.

Moreover, iCIMS is committed to providing excellent security, reliability, and privacy, with various privacy compliances to ensure your data is safe. The Talent Cloud is cloud-based, accessible from anywhere with an internet connection, and ensures that you have complete oversight of the hiring process.

12. Greenhouse

Greenhouse provides an alternative to Workable that prioritizes the needs of the company to help them hire the best talent at the right time, with a streamlined hiring process that is easy to navigate.

What sets Greenhouse apart is its automated candidate pool that companies can use to engage with talent from across industries and locations. This pool allows recruiters to focus on connecting with potential candidates and selecting the right fit for the company.

Greenhouse also offers a robust optimization process that helps companies attract specific types of talent, hire the best people, and increase the efficiency of the hiring team.

Moreover, Greenhouse offers a top-notch onboarding process that creates a professional and smooth experience for new employees, helping them feel appreciated and valued from the start.

13. WRK

Wrk is an alternative hiring and recruitment tool that focuses on simplicity, giving it a significant edge over Workable and making it a worthy option to consider. Wrk's interface is designed to resemble a basic email interface that everyone is familiar with, eliminating any learning curve and making Wrk as efficient as using your email.

But the strongest advantage of Wrk is its integrated instant job board, which allows you to brand your board and publish all your open positions in one place for potential candidates to see. This is complemented by candidate management, which lets you track everything, gain insights into the process, and take action from a single dashboard.

In addition to managing the entire hiring workflow in one location, you can also collaborate with your colleagues to ensure everyone stays informed and up to date. Furthermore, you can customize most of the features in the dashboard to fit your requirements, ensuring that you maintain a highly efficient process.

14. JobToolz

Employers seeking to streamline their hiring process and elevate their brand image should consider Jobtoolz, a robust platform that surpasses Workable in many ways. With Jobtoolz, all tasks and features are accessible through a user-friendly cloud interface, which is fully customizable with company branding pages. This live editor enables intuitive and custom pages for posting job vacancies, promoting job roles, and even allowing candidates to apply for interviews. Such features are notably absent in Workable, making Jobtoolz a convenient hiring solution.

In addition, Jobtoolz takes advantage of ATS technology to automate time-consuming repetitive tasks. Additionally, the platform integrates recruitment marketing to promote job openings and attract top talent across industries. By using Jobtoolz, employers can easily fulfill their hiring needs with the best-suited candidates while enhancing their brand's reputation.


TRAFFIT is an all-in-one hiring solution similar to Workable, but with additional benefits such as enhanced collaboration capabilities within your company to ensure optimal candidate selection.

The user interface is streamlined, allowing easy navigation through candidate lists, interviews, and features, providing a centralized platform to manage all recruitment tasks.

One significant advantage of TRAFFIT is its scalability, making it an excellent option for both small and large companies.
Moreover, TRAFFIT outperforms Workable with its extensive range of integrations, including popular tools such as Gmail, Facebook, Slack, LinkedIn, and Talent, enabling you to source talent from various platforms while keeping all the information consolidated in one place.


In conclusion, there are many excellent alternatives to Workable available in the market, each with its unique features and advantages. These tools cater to the modern hiring requirements of companies and offer a comprehensive set of solutions to streamline and automate the hiring process.

Ultimately, companies can choose from this variety of options to find the best fit for their unique hiring requirements and achieve better results while saving time and resources.

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