Brands in many industries and niches have discovered the secrets of making money on Youtube using influencer marketing.




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The power of YouTube cannot be underestimated, many people from all walks of life are becoming addicted to YouTube.  It is the most popular website for videos.

Every month, over 1.8 billion users are logged in. However, more than 400 hours of video are being uploaded every minute and making your video stand out from the rest is challenging. YouTube influencers are your rescuer in this matter. People with a strong online presence and massive audience are called influencers. They can greatly influence the decisions of their audience because people admire and trust them.  

A study conducted by Wyzowl, a video agency almost 81% of the people are convinced to buy a product or service by watching the brand’s video. In addition, 85% of people say they love to see more video from brands. So, if you want to succeed try this marketing strategy.

In this article, we will be learning the rise of YouTube, the types of YouTube influencer partnerships, how to find and select the right influencers and some examples of Youtube influencer marketing.

Advantages of working with a Youtube influencer:

  1. YouTube influencer is a trendsetter when it comes to video content. Social media users are greatly influenced by trending videos on Youtube with the latest and hottest products today.
  2. Youtube creators are selective in brands to partners with.
  3. Youtube influencers are interactive with their audience. They consider their audience more as friends than fans.

A research conducted by YouTube, Carat and Nielsen shows that beauty brands were the first to use Youtube influencers. In fact, 86 percent of the top 200 videos are coming from influencers in the beauty of beauty. YouTube influencers plays a big part in marketing.

YouTube has launched a new feature of “Merchandise”. This feature allows an influencer to directly sell to its audience. Creators with 10k subscribers can offer products on their channel. It has another program called dedicated creators program which allows influencers to create videos, find a specific audience and grow their channels.

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Famous YouTube Partnership:

There are a lot of benefits with partnering with Youtube influencers, however, to implement marketing campaigns vital to think about the different types of partnership you could make. The most popular partnership that you could look into to promote your brand includes:

Unboxing Videos

as the name indicates Youtubers uncover the products for the first time. This kind of video is a hit on Youtube. If you try to search on Google almost one-fifth of the customers are watching unboxing, uncovering or unwrapping videos on the said platform.

How-to Tutorials

Tutorials and how-to guides are really helpful for every one of us. These kind of videos are timeless unless the value goes out of date. These videos standout through time such as educational videos, tutorial and how to a software upgrade, fitness, makeup, and others.

Comedy and Sketches

Comedy and Sketches videos are popular. People with a sense of humor are really amazing and people love watching these videos. Influencers like this can be a good product endorser. I’m sure you can find one that matches your brand.

These videos are most talked about on social media sites and are trending. It means that is ideal for viral marketing.  You might have seen brands that use comedy and sketches

Product Reviews

People today are looking into Google search or YouTube for product reviews whenever they want to buy something. They want to see the opinion of others if a certain product is worth buying. Usually, consumers buy a certain product if they see more positive reviews online. Most of us wants to know how the product works, it features and advantages. Purchase decisions are based on good product reviews. Influencers can be a big help when it comes to product reviews.

How Can You Possibly Find the Right YouTube Influencer:

1. Google

Start with Google in finding a target YouTube influencer. Look for Youtube influencers list and note down. Here are some keywords that you can use:

  • List of [your industry name] influencers on YouTube
  • YouTube [your industry name]
  • [your industry name] influencers to follow on YouTube
  • best [industry name] YouTubers to follow

Lets search Google, for example, your industry is on gadgets

Examine each list and narrow down your result with those influencers that fit your brand or product. Continue your search up to 5-10 pages. Google best choices are up to page 10.

2. YouTube

YouTube search is different from Google search. It will give you a different result. Here  are the steps to search on YouTube:

  • ‘Type: Video’ to browse videos that have crossed a certain threshold for the creator or have gone viral.
  • ‘Type: Channel’ to search by creator.
  • ‘Sort by: View count’ – go past the popular videos and channels, as high-profile influencers most likely own these. Look for videos and channels with views between thousands and tens of thousands.

3. Socially Powerful

Is a talent agency that manages micro-influencers. They reach out to specific Youtubers that can be a good partner to your brand.

4. Fame Bit

Is a self-service influencer platform that can assist you to receive a proposal from influencers.

Best Youtube Influencer Marketing Examples

1.    World’s Brand Awareness Campaign

Food box brand Try The World uses subscription boxes. They partner with micro-influencers instead of a high-profile influencer.

2.    Society6’s

Society6’s is an online store that allows artist sell their products.

They wanted to tap with millennial women who are mostly in college and interested in fashion.

3.    Aunt Jackie’s Black History Month

Every year Black History Month is celebrated in the United States. A company called Aunt Jackie promotes the celebration of Black History Month by storytelling.


Youtube influencer is the trending or shall we call it hottest marketing strategy that is used by many popular brands and companies all over the world.  Try YouTube influencer marketing for your business. Aside from promoting your brand, you can earn from YouTube by monetizing your videos. Be consistent in sharing quality videos.